My Stories.

Thanks for stopping by. Here you'll find a list of some of the stories I've written, or am writing. As yet, none of these are published, but I'm always looking for beta readers, so if you'd like to read one, know more about, or see me blog about it, let me know.
Bad Boy Story: WIP
Brass Talan doesn't like to be told he can't do something. So when the King calls him a common criminal, and not something to be concerned with, Brass sets out to prove him wrong.
No common criminal would ever try to kidnap the princess.
1868 Story: WIP
That's not the title. It doesn't have one yet.
This is my attempt to write a prairie story, that's not a western. It's probably going to be a romance. Something nice Christian ladies like to read. I haven't wrote one of those since I was twelve...
Here's what I know.
He's fresh out of the Civil War, and trying to outrun his demons by homesteading in Nebraska.
She needs to get far away from the mayors son, and answering a mail order bride ad seemed like the way to do it.
They both get more than they bargained for.
The Guns: First Draft Complete.
Cole Burns has a gun and a grudge, and that's all you need in post apocalyptic Cody Wyoming to get yourself killed. Feisty saloon gal, Calgary Williams told him so too, but Cole is too thick headed to listen. Trying to weave through a web of gang wars, gun men, and old lies can get real slippery when you're trying not to fall in love.
Code White: First Draft Complete.
Who says Snow White was a fairy tale?
Snowe's comfortable life at the palace mansion is turned upside down when a guard named Vax announces that her stepmother, the queen, just sent him to kill her.
But Vax has plans of his own, and he drags her along (quite literally).
Red As Blood: First draft complete
Another Snow White retelling.
Zaig has no problem hiring himself out to make sure people disappear, but he's never been asked to kill a princess before.
She's sweet, and innocent, and gorgeous, and he just can't quite bring himself to do it. He decides to help her instead, and leaves her in the care of some friends of his, while he tries to come up with a plan.
Then the letter comes that his friends are dying.
Out of Darkness:

One of the few stories I have actually finished and been happy with. I love the characters more than most of them, and its one of the rare ones that I feel like with just a little editing will be great. I'm currently in the beta stage with it, and working on edits, and then it's off to querying agents!....Retraction. I read it the other day. It needs work. LOTS of work.

He wanted to fit in; now he just wants out.
Cannon Reese isn't like the other seventeen year olds he knows. He doesn't have any addictions or a criminal record. His parents should be happy, right?
Not quite.
Caught between the world of gangs and a life of faith, Cannon tries to fit in to both. When the girl he loves is kidnapped by the very people he is seeking acceptance from, Cannon will have to choose a side.

Blaze: First Draft completed.
Blaze is what I've been tentatively calling this medieval/fantasy story. It follows Blade, a typical farm boy as he's trying to find his place in the world and start his own family, while helping his widowed mother out with the family he's already got.
The twist comes when the government kidnaps a group of young people to take as slaves. One of those taken is his sweetheart Tara. Blade goes after her and finds out that the problem is a lot bigger than he thought, and he's going to have to dig deep to get out alive.

Purpose: (WIP)
What if you had never saw a boy before? What if you had wore the same color of clothing all your life? What if you only knew, what they told you to know?
Tyne Gentry has grew up in that exact situation. Living in a compound full of other girls, all the same age, with exactly the same haircut and wardrobe.
Her predictable life is shattered when she is transferred 'outside' to Washington DC. She is assigned a partner- one of those odd 'boy' creatures she'd learned about briefly in a history lesson.
Now that she's able to see a world where people have personalities and opinions, she can't help but wonder why she was never allowed to be part of it. What is the purpose of her life being so restricted and molded? With help from The Boy, Tyne starts to get answers to the questions that plague her. But she may not want to know the truth.

Raising Rebels:(WIP)
Shantelle is the healer in town. Her fiancé is off to war with an invading army, and her biggest concern is for him to get home safely. But when the town receives news that the armies have been defeated and they have been conquered, Shantelle's world starts spiraling out of control. Invading armies are moving on the towns, killing any men and boys they find there. She is nominated to take her cities boys out to hide until it is safe, with the help of two wounded soldiers returning from the battle. But some of the older boys don't want to hide. Some of them want to go back and get revenge.

Beautiful Things: (WIP)
When Ashley finds herself pregnant she thinks its not that big of deal. She and her boyfriend can handle it. But Ethan surprises her when he tells her to get an abortion or they're through. Ashley is plagued by questions about life. A baby will ruin her life wont it? She loves Ethan. But it's a baby. It's alive. What right does she have to end that life? Ashley will have to choose.

The Dynamic Duo: First Draft Finished. 
Brothers Mark and Anthony have been living on their own for several years now, doing whatever they need to stick together, get through school, and generally survive. It's just the two of them. Always has been. Until Leslie moves to town and gets paired with Mark for a school assignment. This sends Anthony's whole world spiraling when suddenly he is taking up the third wheel position. Throw in a car wreck, a murder witness, and a few kisses and things get real messy real fast.

Running Crazy: WIP
This story's main character is a teenage boy named Reeve. He is invited to go with his friends on a road trip to Wyoming on their summer break and ends up meeting Amy. Through a series of events the two of them end up splitting up from the rest of their group and romping around Wyoming's back roads, and its all very sweet and silly.

Role Play Fantasy: WIP
This story's main character is based off a guy I made for a role play one time. It's a midevil fantasy about a young magician, and there's lots of battles and a web of romances and a lot of heartfelt moments in my head that I can hopefully get out on paper. Creed is rather awkward and stiff around girls and he prefers to stick to himself and mutter spells that end up catching expensive things on fire, but I'm trying to draw him out and get a sensible story down on the page. We shall see.


  1. Wow! These books look very interesting!:)
    In Christ,

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you think so :)

  2. Wow, great blurb! Now I'm super interested, if I wasn't before. Especially after that last sentence.

    1. Oh good! I have a hard time with blurbs, so I'm glad it caught your interest.

    2. Bah! I don't believe it. Every one of those is excellent as far as attention-getting ;)

      Out of Darkness is finished?! I don't suppose there's any way I could read it, could I? Is it published, or just finished?

      I love all of these! Purpose is certainly my favorite of these. Jake's Story reminds me of a story I've got floating around in my head. Same as you, mostly just character, not much of a plot. Which is why it's still only floating.

      the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    3. Thanks haha.

      Yeah it's finished but not published. I'm still in the beta and editing stage.

      Awesome! Thanks! Purpose is my next in line to be finished after my contest entry and nano. It's so hard to develop stories that are only a character. Like I have forty thousand words of snippets for it, but still no plot.

  3. Your novels sound amazing! I wish I could read more...:(


    1. Thank you! I post snippets of them sometimes. I guess I need to get them published faster yeah? :)

  4. These are all so great! If you ever need a fellow bibliophile/ aspiring authoress to read what you have of your books- I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!