Friday, July 29, 2016

Let's Review

Hello guys! Since so much has happened lately, I thought I would take some time to jot you down a post in regular language and just give you an update. 

First off, I got married. Which means changing names, which means my life for the last few weeks has been a whirlwind of paperwork. I went a week without my drivers license because I had to send it to the social security office to get my updated SSN. So I drove very  carefully. I now have said license back and am able to finally....still drive carefully. *eh hem* Just a few more forms to fill out and change and I'll be known as Madeline Wilson anywhere and everywhere. 

I've also been buried under thank you cards, trying to get them all sent out to everyone. Tomorrow is our three week anniversary *Yay*, so I feel like I'm really late getting those out. The hubs says I'm insane. Which is highly possible. 

Work is sad, as two of my coworkers will be leaving and moving on to new things in life the beginning of next month. 

Next month I'll be 21, which means I'll have to change my drivers license, I can purchase a handgun, and people will ask me if I drink, to which the answer will still be no. I don't feel like I should be that old yet. Strange. I feel like a very mature 12 year old. 

I purchased Allegiant while on the honeymoon and made it halfway through it so far. It's hard to watch movies your hubby don't like when you're at work all day and with him in the evenings. 

My garden looks really dead and really alive. Half of it gave up the ghost and now I have nice little pots of dirt. But the other half. Oh that other half looks wonderful. We've already eaten some lettuce and radishes from it, and the zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes will be ready any day now. My neighbor is awesome and said we could come get some sweetcorn. Score!

I forgot Jarod's wedding present with my mom the day of the wedding, so he still hasn't gotten it. Oops. 

All of my clothes found a home upstairs in the bedroom, actually in closets and drawers instead of boxes, and I didn't have to throw away any of Jarod's stuff to make room. The Maddie cave is only partially assembled, but I'm working on it. I've decorated the house some. It's not like the pictures I showed you guys yet, but I'm working toward it. I don't want to go too crazy in a rental house, as there is a possibility we may be moving out soon. I still want a puppy. 

It poured here all morning long and I loved it, and now it's all nice and sunny and I'm thinking it would be a good time to go get the mail.

The rest of the wedding pictures arrived, and they look absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy.

Jarod and I decided that we would like to try making our own shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc. So, upon researching some recipes I found that they all call for Coconut Oil, so I purchased a big jar of it and....It's sitting on the shelf virtually untouched, but boy does it smell good. 

Jarod is a lovely test dummy for food. I've tried all sorts of things out on him. Some he's liked, others...not so much. But that's ok. He is well fed. I'm too well fed. I'm going to work on that. It's hard to be a good little girl when I have all this fabulous cooking and baking equipment and groceries on hand  to make awesome recipes I discover on Pinterest. 

Something keeps coming right up on my front step and eating my flowers. Three times now they have grown back, and three times something has bit them off at dirt level. Poor little flowers. 

Oh. And guess what. I have a character idea. Like, a living, breathing, needs to be written character idea. So. You know what I'm gonna do? As soon as I get finished with work and dropping off some paperwork?
I'm going to write her. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Chapters on Adventure

(South Dakota Badlands)

And then came the wedding, and my what a day, seemed like so many things just weren't going there way. Keys had gone missing, props, and some help, but all fell into place, went off with no hitch and calmed down the race. 
(Yellowstone Park)
The ceremony was splendid, down by rivers bank, with perfect love weather, and friends all around. Once I do's were pronounced, rings given, and kissed, they went off for eating, dancing, and bliss. Her mom was all frazzled, trying to keep things all right, but everyone was helping, and there was no plight. 
(A real gun that looks totally steampunk at the Cody firearms Museum, and a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in Thermopolis) 

Then off for farewell, to far off lands. Grabbed bags and provisions and and headed off on a mission. They only forgot a necessity or two, but with stores along the way they were able to make due. 
(View in Yellowstone)
(Wonderland Cave in South Dakota)

Through lands of dry, jagged, castle walls made of rock, to lush green landscapes with animals by the flock. They stayed at quaint little cow towns, and poked at the bison. Rode jeeps, and watched gunfights, and explored the museums. There were 4-wheelers, and jagged steep mountain paths, and all along the way the two had a blast. There were guns that looked steampunk, and pools orange and blue, hot mineral springs to jump in, but the smell...whew! There were geysers to take pics with, and dinosaur bones, gigantic turtles, and a deep dark tunnel full of stalagmites. 
(Giant tortoises eating at Reptile Gardens and Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone)

 There were no regrets, no problems, no fights, they loved each other, they're married, everything was alright. 
(Old faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park)