Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Chapter

Parts One, two,   three four.  five.  six. and seven. and eight, and nine. TEN. and Eleven , Twelve.  and then 13.

It seems like just yesterday they were strangers at best, but its eleven days to happily ever after, you know the rest. Dresses, shoes, vests, ties, and coats, were all done and ready, just waiting to go. 
The pictures were planned, the food was all ordered, decorations were purchased, and packaged and sorted. Kids trinkets were waiting for the littlest guests, baby pictures were floating around in a whimsical mess. So many preparations, and so much left to do, but it seems they were able to breathe, think things through. Things were going just fine, they'd be ready on time. The honeymoon was planned, and booked in advance, eight days off of work, they jumped at the chance. 

Aside from wedding plans, other things were afoot. Summer was in swing, with fair plans, and heat. The garden was growing, except what they had fried, when they accidentally used too much insecticide. She planted some flowers in pots round the house, to brighten things up and add a little flounce. 
They moved more furniture in, and she did some decorating. It made her so happy, how things were appearing. The colors looked lovely, such cute little nooks, one afternoon took four tote boxes to haul all her books. She's trying to gather all her music and movies, all the scraps of stories that can't be left behind. 

It all seemed so unreal, like it couldn't be true. "Who would have thought it would be me and you?" The world like a dream, or a dream of a dream, but the reality of it all made her burst at the seams. 
When it's all over, she'll display all the pics, after they get back from the honeymoon that is. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Something Blue

Hello everyone! How goes your summer?
Mine has been pretty good. I planted a bucket garden, and after stressing and being paranoid about them for three whole days, the seeds sprouted and are doing quite nicely. Shout out to Jarod for helping me dig up enough dirt for them all.
We had a sunglass show at work, which was nice just for the fact we got to wear capris and t-shirts in the office.
I'm trying to get a slightly darker shade of porcelain skin without getting a farmers tan. So far....I think I'm succeeding. People don't squint and shield their eyes when I walk into the room.

The rain has continued, and so true to Nebraska we've got scorching heat and ridiculous humidity to go along with it. Speaking of heat, the air conditioner here at work is broken this morning. I think my boss is a little worried about it. He's gone all apocalypse prep on me and started talking about portable air conditioners and all his plans for this afternoon when the 90 temps hit.
I called and got an electrician on the way.
Stereotypical YA story of a girl who saves the world during the apocalypse.

The reason for the title is that we had my wedding shower a few weeks ago. It was fantastic, and the recurring color for gifts was a nice mint blue. Blue kitchen aid, blue pitcher, pie plate. I just am in love with the color, and it all goes so well in my kitchen. I've got most of it put away, but I need to take some time to actually get it set up the way I like it so it looks nice. Everyone was so helpful in getting ready, my mom and sisters did a great job with games.

We played the how well does the bride know the groom and vise versa where my sisters interviewed both of us and asked about each others favorite things etc.
I would like to state that me and Jarod know each other very well.
We just know very little in the department of favorite colors, candy bars, drink of choice etc. I was able to guess some of his, but it's hard because he always tells me something different. Every time I've asked his favorite color, I've gotten a totally different response. And him...well I change my mind so rapidly on things like favorite songs, and other things he's just not very observant of things that don't really matter. So I'm sure everyone thought, how can they be getting married and not know whether they prefer books or movies? Oh well. The show must go on.

Wedding planning has been going great. Me and my mom should become florists. The bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages are all done and look fantastic. The table decorations are going great, and look fantastic. I think all of the last minute invites are finally out, and I've sent the thank you cards for the shower gifts. Things are really starting to come together. The flower girl dresses are made and look absolutely adorable. The wedding dress is done with alterations, and the bridesmaid dresses are almost all hemmed.
My bridesmaid is currently in Africa on a missions trip, and will be until the week before the wedding, so I'm praying she has good health and travels for that.

Jarod and I have a chiropractor appointment tonight, and we are taking some giftcards and going shopping for a sucky thingy (what he calls a vacuum). We are also going grocery shopping because although he put up a valiant effort, he will not survive until July 9th on what is left in the house.

Jarod's mom and sister were able to make it down for the shower and I had a blast. It was so fun finally getting to meet them. The carnival was in town so we rode rides (and I got sick), and ate funnel cake, watched the parade. They came to my parents' house for supper one night, and we took them out to eat a few times. Good news! I don't have a wicked mother in law!!

I picked up two dressers, a bookshelf, and a nightstand at a garage sale and got them hauled into the house. I cannot wait to Pinterest them. I'm thinking Alice in Wonderland for the baby room, and something for the dining room.

I apologize to anyone who follows my Pinterest boards for the story and character stuff I usually post. It's been nothing but gardening, landscaping, and home decor lately. 
I'm sorry. 
Not sorry. 
I really am sorry, but its just I've got so much stuff to work with that I want to find the perfect ideas to make it adorable. I've got an old stump in the front yard, a old chicken coop, an outhouse, a pump jack. The possibilities are endless!

Jarod thinks I'm crazy. And I am. But all the best people are.