Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dear 25 Year Old

This is kind of a wild hair I guess, but I was reading a post by Mackenzie where she wrote a letter to herself in five years. For some reason, it just seemed really fun. I'm not even sure why, or what purpose it is supposed to serve. I'm not doing the Blogtober challenge. I'm not even sure what it is, frankly. As I was reading her's however, I kept thinking of what I would say in mine if I wrote one, then at the end she went and asked what her readers would write to themselves, so I just had to take the opportunity.

So. I letter to the 25 year old version of Maddie.

Hey Maddie- Yo, what up man? I hope you haven't sunk so far that you don't call girls 'dude' at every opportunity. 
By my calculations you should be twenty-five now. You're kind of an old grinder. 
Please tell me that you have dyed your hair some form of pink in that length of time. 
So how old is little Amos? Probably about three, huh? Is Henry on the way then? I'm sure they're super adorable little hellions. 
Do you still have the Impala and have you hit any deer with it? The only way I would possibly forgive you for denting that car is if it was on a massive buck deer and you didn't damage the horns. They better be mounted somewhere to sooth my heartache. 
What house are you living in? Did you end up in town? Have you mastered how to write Madeline Jean Wilson really pretty? You sure practiced it often enough. 
Hopefully by now you have fully mastered how to cook without calling grandma every ten minutes. And I sure hope you got up some gumption for creativeness, because my Pinterest diy board is filling up fast. 
Do you have a second set of holes in your ears? There is no excuse not to. 
At twenty five, I will disown you if you haven't gone to Winter Jam yet. And you better have saw a NeedtoBreathe concert. 
Are you and the Minions getting on better now?  
Two questions: Did you go to Alaska? And, are you broke?
I kid you not, you better have finished your stories by now. And at least one of them better be published or I'm going to disown you and get a new future self. 
How's the world? Still scary? Press on mi amigo. 
What is it like being a twenty five year old fangirl? Are you teaching my kids to love awesome books and movies? Have you cultivated their musical tastes to perfection? Please tell me some good books have come out during the years. And that all these miserable boy bands and vampire stories have passed by the wayside. 
Do you have a room for your guitars and posters? I hope you have a room for them. I'd be sad if they just sat in storage. 
Hopefully my life is going well for you. I'll catch up with you in a few years.

You rock,

You -5. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just a Note to Say

Hello lovelies!
So no, I don't have a hard set topic to yap about at the moment, but I wanted to drop in and let you know that I am capable of writing rhyming posts about princes and princesses that may or may not be based on yours truly and a certain someone. It's just kind of hard to come up with good material when you everything you think of is somehow linked to that one topic. But, I shall endeavor....
...Not sure why that makes me laugh so much. But it does. This guy supplies the funniest parts in the movie.
Anyway, moving on.
I've been feeling an itch lately in the back of my mind to get writing. I've even ventured on to pinterest for things besides wedding dresses and budgeting tips and I've pinned a few things that reminded me of my stories.
Every tie I open up one of my latest works, I got nothing.
So...I've been toying with the idea of starting a whole new story.
I know, I know. As soon as I do that the others will fade into oblivion, and I'll never finish them no matter how many times I promise myself I will. I still love those stories. But I can't write them. I don't know if I can write a new one either, but I'm so tempted to try.
So tempted.
What do you guys think? Not to quote my little movie clip up there, but "Think about it long enough". Do I endeavor to finish, or endeavor to begin?
Work is going well. Some new girls have joined the team who are closer to my age and we get along quite smashing. Next month I have to take a test to be certified as a...well its a Paraoptometric, but don't ask me what that is. Basically a piece of paper that says I am certified to do the job I do, I guess. Everyone tells me it's easy, just a lot of vocabulary words...
I'll have you know, I hated vocabulary words in school just about as much as I hated algebra.
We've also been on a war movie kick. First we watched Band of Brothers...
Which took a week because it's like a six DVD movie.
Now we have started We Were Soldiers.
Now, I love that movie. I've been begging to watch it for like...years. For real. And my whole family told me we didn't have it. (nonsense!) So I went and bought it. Brought it home and resumed begging to watch it. No one was in the mood. For months on end.
Last night.
Dad says to get it out.
Everyone agrees.
Hmmm, what else is new and noteworthy, since I'm writing you guys a note?
I've been getting terrible headaches every day, and have a chiropractor appointment next week that will hopefully cure it for me again.
I was offered a partnership by a nine year old to join her in building a company just like Justice, only for big people.
Because what adult wouldn't wanna?
Besides that, I learned to run a grain cart this year, and we got harvesting done by ourselves instead of hiring anyone, which was kind of cool.
Worked calves the other day and have a hand full of fiber glass now. It's all good.
Had a completely black bruise on my left knee, but the completely pale right one is the one that hurt like mad. Go figure that one out then let me know, please and thanks.
And....My sisters are going out in as this for Halloween.
                          Minion 2 ^                                                  Minion 1^

Well, I think that about blasts you guys up to speed on the regular parts of my life. Adios!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Out of the Ashes

Parts One, two,   three four.  five.  six. and seven.
Some time flew past, then the princess composed herself at last. She sends a warm thank you out to the ladies who commented on her last post, and set out to move on with the tale.
At times things were still stiff, the pair had a small tiff, but somehow their spirits seemed to lift. Harvest had started, landing our princess in a tractor, but still she made it to the prince each night after. They didn't always talk, he'd just hold her real soft, and the quiet moments helped things to heal.
He ventured back to college, and their lunch time texts soon resumed. He'd call her each night to study Philippians while tucked in all tight, and hope returned that things would be alright.
The earrings he got for her birthday were a favorite at work, and the t-shirts were cute and so cozy.

Our prince and princess decided that though some things were uncertain, and the future looked scary, they'd keep pushing through; it was a load they could carry. They would do what they wanted, devil take the scoffers.
He got her a present, a glass cube with his face, a creepy thing for sure, but utterly cut and silly.  So she started searching for Christmas gift ideas.

And the young gentleman's father was having a wedding of hi own, in the far of land of Arizona. It was a nerve racking affair, so the prince asked her to join him down there, she said yes, though she's afraid of the air. It took some debate and some convincing, but they got the agenda pushed through, so now she had dress shopping to do.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dark Is the Tale

Parts One, two,   three four.  five.  six. 

This tale just keeps growing, you've taken it well, but now dark things are lurking in this tale I must tell.
To our prince and our princess, all seemed quite swell, all the plans they'd been making fit together real well. Some folks probably suspected, but they were waiting to tell. They thought they had it all planned, it was the perfect fit, but the storm clouds rolled in, when they let their thoughts slip.

Not all took it as well, as the pair hoped they would. Details they'd thought minor began to boil and swell. How could it go wrong? They'd covered all topics. They knew where their train went, those folks could get on or stay off it.

But saying you'll make it, and proving its so, are really quite different. It's a long row to hoe. The princess felt sick, her world caving in. Where she thought she was safe, she found dragons in friend's skin. They tried to work through it, he told her it would be fine, but things didn't seem better with the passing of time.

They attended the fair, and she got him to smile. Deep fried cookie dough soothed her soul for awhile. But the tense nerves were still there, the conversation was stiff. Fear boiled in the pair, to be handled in their own ways. The princess sent prayers, and felt numb through the days.

When the big farm show came they thought they'd have fun, it was nice to walk around, hold hands in the sun. His friends were around, and my how he'd dote. It made the princess happy. Out of the mire her heart would float.

Then it was back off to school for the prince, and work for the princess, the phone calls kept steady and the plans formed back again. Maybe all would be well. The fear kept inside they started to share, and it certainly helped to have it out in the air. The two of them could face it, they'd make it, they'd stand. "I love you," he'd whisper, and reach for her hand.

One night the prince called her, he'd had a long talk. Their plans were getting shoved away farther with every tick of the clock. He didn't know what to do, or know where to turn. Her heart was crushed and terrified, and bitterness wanted there to abide. They tried to talk it through, cling to God and one another. Talk to people they could trust, put on a smile, not a shudder. What should have been aimed at the scoffers became a rift between the two. He was scared, he wanted to hide. And she was scared, she wanted to fight.

He came home from school on break, they hoped things would be fun. But they've been stiff and busy all along, and his week is almost done.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Inside My Mind

Slipping through my fingers
Falling in the cracks
All my plans and promises
I'm scared I can't get back

Fires licking at my hopes
Unhappy, choking schemes
Stealing away all my sleep
Making nightmares out of dreams

Terrors rising in my chest
Trying to keep at bay
Whispers saying they know best
As they steal my love away

Friendships crumble into ash
Betrayed drips from the smiles
Never knowing who to trust
As the journey gains more miles

Hope has fled away from me
Disasters looming nigh
Thoughts scream out in the night
Please don't let these plans die