Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Bit on Princes

It has come to my attention that while you know quite a bit about me, you don't know much at all about the prince in this story. And I don't know about you, but I much preferred Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, for the main reason that we got to know Prince Phillip, where Charming was mostly a nameless, nearly faceless mystery. And while a bit of mystery is good in a story, so is some backstory.

So, I present to you, a study on Prince Jare. 

Born in Nebraska, he later relocated to Arizona (it took some time to get used to Tuscan calling  her phone) where he lived with his father until the age of fourteen, when he moved back to small town Nebraska to live with his aunt. 

If you would ask the prince, he would say that he never noticed our princess at all except to think she was odd. And he only started liking her in December, and he has no reasons why. 
But if you listen to the prince you will hear that he noticed the first time she wore makeup, never did like her purple shirt, and always watched her in choir but she never looked back.

He has many things in common with the princess' favorite book characters, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. His is all brooding, broken, injured, and reserved. He is charming, boyishly awkward, confident, and strong. Our prince has Will Herondale's terror of love, Murtagh's relationships, Four's attitude (and fear of heights). He makes hasty decisions like Gale, an has more whit and sarcasm than all of them combined. Just like all of them, he has somehow managed to lay all of the rougher pieces aside and give the sweetest love and affection to an ordinary girl, with all the awkward curiosity of a little boy trying something new. 

Our prince is an eternal contradiction. He says he doesn't like horses, but beams when he says he's never been bucked off. He despises cows, but takes videos of little baby calves named Elmer. He says he doesn't like cowboys, but he always dresses like one. He's bound and determined to live naturally off the land, but he's addicted to the air conditioner and only eats beans from a can. He doesn't like sweets! Just Mountain Dew, ice cream, brownies, cookies, and candy. And he'll never shave again...until he wants Maddie to think he looks dandy. Of course he can cook! Just not when you're there. He likes your hair any style, just don't put it up. He's set and determined to smear her makeup. He says he's not scared, but so often he is.

Semi trucks and straight pipes make him light up. He's a bit of a clean freak, especially in his shop. Everything washed and all put away, one tractor will take the boy all day. He wears old t-shirts with the sleeves cut off. Wrangler jeans, till evening when its shorts and flip flops. He likes to comb his hair backward, and his eyes are blue. He's six foot three, and likes getting letters in the mail. He constantly teases, but insists he's all business. He's a pretty good shot, and will only fish from the bank. 

He insists he's not tired, and in the next breath he's asleep. Don't let him lay down if you have something to do, because he'll never get up and it'll be left just to you. In a tractor he can do pretty much anything, always covered in grease, the guy is never clean. 

He's older than her by five months or so. He likes to sing, but can't hit the notes. And if you ask him he does everything the best. 

He tends to exaggerate, and overreact, but this princess wouldn't change any of that. 

Friday, September 18, 2015


Is this too much?
Quite possibly. 
Highly probable.

But it is also so true.
So very, very true.

Yes dear readers, I'm afraid I've gone quite mad. 

Batty, to be exact. 

It is to be expected I suppose. See, Fridays, the good doctor is not in the office, which means...I'm the only one here. And, the absence of a doctor most generally means the absence of patients as well. There is a bit of work to do, and people do drop by for things off and on, but all in all, there are many long hours of nothing to do. 

Now, I do have a "pipes" screen saver on my computer that is quite enthralling for a time...

It just keeps building...

And I have an awesome swivel chair...It's nice to spin around till I'm sick sometimes...

And of course, there are plenty of gigantor granny glasses laying around this joint to try on. 
It's always entertaining to see crazy people wearing over sized glasses. There's this one chick I keep seeing over by the mirror who looks like she's quite fallen off her rocker. 

I think perhaps I should be worried about this...

It's really not so bad. I have things to do in my free time. I can always study for the tests I'm supposed to take to get certified. And of course I can talk to myself. 

Well....We suppose its time for us to say goodbye. We have dinner with our self coming up soon.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fairy Tale Playlist

Hi guys! I love playlists, don't you? I love it when books have playlists designed just for them. I love making playlists on my ipod for what mood I'm in, or for the different stories I'm writing. I love sound tracks from movies. I just love matching lyrics to situations.

So, I thought I'd give you guys a little peek into the Fairy Tale's playlist. This is actually something the prince of the story has had a bigger part in than I have. Most of these songs will come on the radio and he'll say something like "This song always makes me think of you."

*Some of these songs say things that are mildly suggestive. I've made sure to not include any songs with anything too graphic, and no language, but there are a few lines that are questionable. I'm in no way promoting these songs, and urging you to go buy them and listen to them every day for the rest of your life.

1. I Got the Boy by Jana Cramer.
This song was actually picked by both of us. I've always listened to it and hoped that I would get to be the second girl. It really does fit his story quite well. He must have thought the same thing because the other day we were working on a pickup and it came on (he's got a stereo system the size of my dog in his shop. It's kind of awesome) and he started singing it (off key), and then said "That's really true actually. You got the man."

2. Love You Like That by Canaan Smith.
This one confuses me. He called me in the middle of night to inform me that this song reminds him of me. When I asked him why he said "the fishing in the dark nitty gritty boy part".......Say what? The part about the boy reminds you of me?

3. Nothin' Like You by Dan and Shay
He hates this song, but it reminds me of me. (At least I admit when I think a song sounds like me. I didn't try to say it reminds me of him) The stack of books, twirling her hair, worn out jeans, purple shoe strings.

4. Pretty Good Day by Lonestar
We've come to call this one my song. I always said I liked it, and when we started saying I love you he started to always take notice of it when it would come on the radio.

5. House Party by Sam Hunt
I'm really not a huge fan of this song, and neither is he, but apparently it kind of reminds him of us. Not exactly sure why, other than I do blow up his phone, I have a tendency to want to stay home when he wants to go hang out with the guys. Other than that, it doesn't sound anything like us at all. Silly boy.

6. Raised by a Good Time by Steven Lee Olson.
I don't like this song. In fact, I pretty much hate it. But it pretty much describes him perfectly. 

7. Long Stretch of Love by Lady Antebellum.
This one isn't one of my favorites to say it reminds me of us, because it sounds like its a little steamy, and our relationship is no where near being 'steamy'. But the gist of how they kiss, fight, and make up, and are right there for each other, I have to agree with him, sounds like us. 

8. Waiting for Superman by Daughtry
I'm not sure this one describes us, but it does describe me as of about four months ago. 

9. I Got a Car by George Strait
We both love this song. He does have a car. His pickup brought us together more than the car did, but he does have a car. And if you ask him, he'd tell you he pretty much did exactly what verse one says. Rolled up his sleeves and asked for a shot. And according to him, I said I already thought it over, ok...so now what?

10. Shotgun Rider by Tim McGraw
He sings along to the radio more than I do, but I do hum along with it a lot. He laughs at me.

11. Hesitate by Steve Moakler
This one is one of my personal favorites. It pretty much describes us perfectly. 

12. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
I really can't put my finger on any one part of this that screams 'us' but it does remind me of us.

13. You and Me by Lifehouse
This is probably my favorite song ever. 

14. Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer
Just cuz.

15. Slow Down by Icon For Hire
This song is just sweet. I picked it out. 

16. Fishing in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
He likes this song. I like this song. 

17. Credence Clearwater Revival.
The songs don't necessarily have anything to do with us, but we both like CCR a lot, and we seem to end up talking about them a lot.

18. Highway Man. 
Not sure who sings it. Several guys I think. I hate this song. Hate it with a bloody passion. But he insists its the best song ever and he is going to buy a banjo and sing it for me every day for the rest of my life. I think that means it should go on the playlist. 

19. Copperhead Road by Steve Earle
Not romantic at all. But one day I texted him and said that if the radio would just play this song every day, my work day would be a lot happier. And he texted back "I love you a little bit more now" 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September full of Beautiful People

Hello guys!!
It's that time of month again....That sounded wrong...It is time for Beautiful People again. This month I decided to do something a little different. It may or may not be the worst thing ever. I don't know. We shall see, I suppose.
See, I read the questions, liked them a lot. But my characters fell sadly short. It's growing tiresome trying to muddle through BP posts with characters I haven't touched for six months, whose stories I am hopelessly disconnected from. But I love BP so much and don't want to skip it just because my characters and I aren't on speaking terms.

I thought I'd use...
The characters from the fairy tale...
Is that allowed?


I'm currently trying to decide what way to answer the questions right now. I really don't want to answer them just from the princess' view, but the prince is currently a hundred (literal) miles away, working on a tractor. So the princess doesn't have access to his answers. It wouldn't really work to answer the questions in the usual vague rhyming way that is customary to this story. So I suppose I'll steal Sky's technique and do it like an interview.
Borrowed without permission!!

Anyway, I don't have any pictures for you of the characters because in half the pictures the prince has his hat on backwards, his glasses on upside down, a beard that looks Amish, has his eyes closed, too close up for comfort, or most generally not looking at the camera or glaring at it. And in the other half, the princess is blurry, her hair is a mess, she is wearing a ball cap, or more probably, she is outside and her skin is so ghastly pale that she is glowing like the Arken stone. Those pictures just should not be seen. Moving on.

1. They’re in a crisis: who would they really like to see right now? 
Jare: Nobody. I want to be left alone.
Madeline: *rolls eyes* I'd want to be at his house, avoiding whatever crisis is taking place.
Jare. So, you would want to see me.
Madeline. No.

2. Are they easy to get along with? 
Jare: I am.
Madeline: No, you're not.
Jare: Just as easy as you are.
Madeline: True that.
Jare: See?
Madeline: *shakes head* When we're both in a good mood, or at least one of us is, we are easy to get along with. And if we are apart, and off living our own lives, most people find us fairly easy to get along with.
Jare: Not your minions.
Madeline: Minions are minions. They don't count. Don't interrupt.
Jare: Rude!
Madeline: Don't quote Minion 2! Anyway, when we're both in a bad mood it is best to just stay far away, because there is nothing easy about getting along with us.

3. Who was the last person they had a deep conversation with? 
Jare: That would be Madeline.
Madeline: It was probably Austin.
Jare: Probably.
Madeline: Most likely about Dodge pickups.
Jare: With a Cummins in it.
Madeline: *raises eyebrow*
Jare: ...It was deep.
Madeline: I suppose the one I had with my mom in Arby's yesterday would count. It resulted in tears, so it must be deep.
Jare: You cried?
Madeline: Yes.
Jare: Why?
Madeline: I don't know.
Jare: Tell me.
Madeline: Not here.
Jare: Tell me, Madeline.
Madeline: No, Jarhead.

4. They’re in the middle of a huge crowd of people: how do they feel? 
Jare: I feel like there's a little Madeline stuck to me.
Madeline: That is correct. I will feel like sticking as close to him as possible. He's tall. He can push his way through the masses. If I stick close maybe I wont get stepped on.
Jare: Cuz you're just so little. *rubs her hair*
Madeline: *smacks hand away* Tell them how you would feel.
Jare: You hit me. I'm being abused. I don't know about this relationship.
Madeline: You're fine. Tell them.
Jare: *rubs hand*
Madeline: *sigh* He would be uncomfortable. Probably carrying on about how much he hates places like that, can't stand people, yada yada yada.

5. Do they believe in luck or miracles? 
Madeline: Luck, no. Miracles, yes.
Jare: Well yeah, cuz miracles are in the Bible. Why don't you believe in luck?
Madeline: No time for that discussion.
Jare: Why?
Madeline: Because no matter what explanation I give, you will ask Why.
Jare: Why?
Madeline: I don't know why you do it.
Jare: Why?
Madeline: Jarod Allan!

6. Do they like and get along with their neighbours? 
Jare: Most of them are alright. Some of them are a little bit Mickey Mouse.
Madeline: My neighbors live over a mile away, so its not like we're great pals, but yeah, my neighbors are alright.

7. If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go? 
Jare: Alaska.
Madeline: Yeah, I would like to go to Alaska.
Jare: Well you better, because we're going.
Madeline: Oh are we?
Jare: Yes.
Madeline: Who is going to pay for it?
Jare: We'll figure that out later. Just make sure you're ready to go.

8. How do they feel about their body? 
Jare: *giggling like a dork* I don't want to say.
Madeline: Stop giggling and answer the question.
Jare: I can't help it. No! I don't want to.
Madeline: Then I will.
Jare: No! You'll get all silly. I'll answer. I think it's jacked up. My back isn't welded together quite right. I'm special like that. I have a delicious beard.
Madeline: You're handsome.
Jare: No, I'm not.
Madeline: Whatever. My turn.
Jare: Can we skip this question?
Madeline: No, why-
Jare: She thinks she needs to be skinny, and wear her hair up all the time, and she doesn't like being short, but actually she's just fine, she looks absolutely delicious, and her hair needs to stay down, she needs to wash all that makeup crap off, and we're done now, next question.

9. What is the cruelest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react? 
Jare: *narrows eyes at her and shakes head*
Madeline: I believe we are both just going to skip this question.

10. What’s the kindest thing someone has ever said to them? How did they react?
Jare: She says stuff to me all the time that makes me feel tweety.
Madeline: No one even knows what that word means.
Jare: It's tweety.
Madeline: Stop. Kindest thing someone has ever said....that's so hard. People have said so many things to me that were utterly kind.
Jare: Oh, were they utterly kind?
Madeline: Don't mock me. Meany.
Jare: You're the meany.
Madeline: No.
Jare: Yes. You hit me. I've never hit you.
Madeline: Just shush. I can't even think now.
Jare: Fine. *crosses arms and turns to face the wall*
Madeline: Oh stop.
Jare: *silence*
Madeline: *huffs* Anyway, probably the kindest thing ever was when someone said Holy cow I'm in love with you.
Jare: *still looking at the wall* Who said that?
Madeline: Just some guy.
Jare: Oh. Figures.
Madeline: Yup.
Jare: Hmmm.
Madeline: Quit being silly and answer the question.
Jare: *smirks a little* I don't know.
Madeline: Oh for the love of all that's good and sane in this world. You guys will just have to give up on getting an answer on that one. He's going to be impossible from now on.
Jare: I'm not impossible. I'm delicious.
Madeline: You're a dork.
Jare: I'm twitterpatted.
Madeline: It's twitter-PAIT-ed. Not Pat.
Jare: Tweety.


Monday, September 14, 2015

The Tag of Happiness

Thanks so much to Opal for tagging me in this! It looks like so much fun. Be sure to follow the link to find her answers too. 

Take the banner and put it in your post
List as many things as you want in each category
Come up with more categories if you wish
Tag as many people as you want

This might be just a little difficult. 
According to my family, I'm not a happy person at all. 
Nothing makes me happy.
I say that's bulderdash at its finest. 
And I do not care one iota if I spelled that word wrong. 
I'm also a very indecisive person. How on earth do I choose what makes me happy??
I shall attempt. 

Some songs that make you happy
....This question had to be asked....None of my songs that make me happy...are happy....
Dark Blue by Sheridan. It's sweet. It's sad. Somehow that makes me happy.
I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons. Anything with that much guts and percussion has to be great.
Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It's a song by a girl that I am able to sing along to and hit the notes. Thrills me. 
Bad Day by Daniel Powter. When I have a bad day, I listen to it. Automatic happiness. 
War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch. Its so fast and rockin', of course it makes me happy.
Hey Brother by Avicii makes me ridiculously happy and I'm not sure why. 
Pretty Good Day by Lonestar makes me happy cuz it reminds me of someone. 
Waiting for Superman by Daughtry. I LOOOVE the pre chorus. Ack!
Signature of Devine (Yahweh) by NeedtoBreathe. It's just pretty much the best song ever.

Some books that make you happy
The books I read cut out my heart and require me to sell my soul. But yeah, happy.
The Inheritance Cycle makes me happy in a throw it at the windshield while mom is driving kind of way. Any book that stirs emotion in me, is a good book. And good books make me happy, even if the emotion they provoke is not happy. 
The Infernal Devices. Will. Herondale. Happiest torment on earth.
The Divergent Series. I was happy when one of my favorite characters survived.
Incarceron Series. The people I loved lived. There ship I wanted to sail did. The sass was strong. Pure happiness. 
The Hunger Games. Don't ask me why this one makes me happy. I don't know. 

Some movies that make you happy
...I seriously think I've gotten happiness confused with pain and sadness. Because all of these questions, I immediately think of the book, movie, etc that I'm most fond of. And when I'm in the middle of watching/reading it, I'm crying. I'm miserable. Its torture. But once I'm done I look at them so lovingly. Is that happiness?? (Ok, just for the record, these aren't like five star movies you should sit down and watch for a family movie. They have issues)
Legends of the Fall. Because Tristan is boss.
Pearl Harbor. I love them all so much. 
Treasure Planet. Don't judge. I love it. 
The Lion King and all the sequels. They make me legitimately happy. 
Enemy at the Gates. 
We Were Soldiers. 
Peter Pan. The version with Jeremy Sumpter in it. 
3:10 To Yuma. Because Charlie Prince. 

Some foods that make you happy
Chicken. I love pretty much every kind of chicken.
Mozzarella Sticks. 
Milk chocolate. 
Is Mountain Dew a food?
Teriyaki jerky. 
Elderberry jelly
Regular cheesecake. 

Some words that make you happy
Psychotic...I love saying that word.
Dastardly. Because its funny to incorporate it into modern 2015 language. 
Diabolical. See above^
Darling. In a British accent. 
Any word said in a British accent.
Mine.  Like top, not bottom.

Some scents that make you happy

Wood smoke. 
Twilight Woods shower gel.
Anything labeled Brown Sugar.
Cut alfalfa.
Wild plumb blossoms!

Some random things that make you happy
Brand new books or CD's. 
My boyfriend.
When my sister grabs my hand during the sad parts in all those movies I mentioned.
When I get a new story idea.
Playing a song on my guitars. 
Bass on the radio. 
Bright colors.
Also, the color black. 

And, I'm running out of time to get all the links set up, but I'll just say all my followers are tagged. Have fun minions. Be happy.

Friday, September 11, 2015


I'm sure everyone is aware, but looking out my window at work I can see the American flag outside the community center is at half staff, and I wanted to take a little time to say something about September 11th, 2001.
I can't quite remember where I was when it happened. I was six years old. And I don't remember if the footage I saw on tv was live as it was happening (my parents saw it live), or if it was replays later in the day, but I remember it terrified me. I was utterly sick to my stomach, and hurting for all the people involved. And I remember being so happy when the President said we were going to do something about it. I remember how my family prayed for the people who were trapped in the rubble, the people working to get them out, the families of the people who were lost. I remember how the whole nation turned to God. For a time, America seemed more awake and living than it had or has for awhile.
That's been fourteen years ago, and we've slipped back into our normal lives as a people. It is dangerous for a nation to forget where it has come from. Not only is it dangerous to forget things like the terrorist attack on the twin towers, but it is even more dangerous to forget the One who's hand guides in the affairs of men.