Monday, August 31, 2015

It Struck in the Night

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with an idea so brilliant you just had to get it wrote down as fast as humanly possible? A fantastic idea that you are sure will change the world? Perhaps it came from a dream you were having, that already is beginning to fade back into the dark corners of your mind, but you still have that one thread of genius. And you write it down.
I had that happen to me the other night. I woke up with a line running through my head, no real idea where it came from. I don't remember dreaming anything. But it was there. It was real. And it was fabulous.
Sleep was pulling at me viciously as I fumbled in the dark for my ipod. The light nearly blinded me as I turned it on. I squinted my eyes against it and pulled up a note, typing down my precious thought baby. I didn't now what I was going to make from it. A song, or poem probably. Perhaps it could even spark some type of story.
It was deep. It was profound. Inspirational.
The next morning when I woke up it only took me a few seconds to remember my spark of visionary from the night before. I snatched my ipod and found the note I had created.
This is what it said:
Steal my love away butterflies
I'll watch it from the window.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


     Three people gathered around the heavy iron table, the smell of pizza thick in the air.
     "You'll have to help me tomorrow." Said the older of the two women. "We have a long list of things to do."
     The young man looked up from his third slice of pizza. "Tomorrow is the 29th."
     His aunt stopped collecting dishes to look at him. "Yes, its Saturday."
"It's the 29th." He repeated, giving her a pointed look.
"Okay." She said slowly. "So what is the 29th?" Her gaze darted from her nephew to the girl seated next to him.
"The 29th," He said solemnly. "Is the day before Maddie's birthday. It's Maddie Eve."

Thursday, August 27, 2015

BP- Friends Edition

Hello lovelies. It's time for Beautiful People, starring friends and the friendships between them.

It took me awhile to figure out which friendship I wanted to use. Most of my friend pairings are more along the lines of romantic couples. And that simply wont do. So I decided to go with Rafe and Creed from RP Fantasy.

How long have they known each other, and how close are they?
Rafe and Creed have known each other pretty much their entire lives. They both grew up in and around the castle. They are very close, more like brothers than anything. Rafe is one of the few people Creed trusts fully.

What’s their earliest memory of being best friends?
Neither one of them really has a specific memory. They just always has been. From the time they were old enough to walk they've been playing together. Their earliest time together would probably look something like Rafe playing with a toy, Creed comes up and takes it, Rafe starts crying, it scares Creed, and there you have two crying toddlers.

Do they fight? How long do they typically fight for?
They generally don't fight. Creed doesn't have the temperament for conflict, and Rafe always has in the back of his head that Creed is his superior, so if they disagree its very quietly and they tend to just let it go.

Are their personalities similar or do they compliment each other?
They are similar but not the same. Rafe is more naturally outgoing than Creed. He is also more happy than Creed. Creed is a little more serious and considerate. All in all they compliment each other. Where one lacks something the other usually makes up for it

Who is the leader of their friendship (if anyone)?
For most things Rafe is the leader and Creed is content to let him. Rafe is definitely the professional in social settings, so Creed is comfortable following him. Creed is more of a follower in all areas of his life.

Do have any secrets from each other?
Creed doesn't tell Rafe that Princess Nalik prefers Creed's company, and Rafe doesn't tell him that he fancies Nalik. Creed also keeps his hurts and insecurities regarding his family and magic to himself.

How well do they know each other’s quirks and habits?
They know each other very well. They can tell by what the other is standing like how they are feeling.

What kind of things do they like to do together?
They will spar, or go riding. Sometimes they will go out into the city and see how long it takes before they are recognized. Rafe will sit and watch while Creed shows his new magic skills. He also likes to drag Creed into dances and other social gatherings, against his friend's wishes.

Describe each character’s fashion style (use pictures if you’d like!) How are their styles different/similar?
They are pretty similar to each other. Both typical fantasy garb. Rafe has a tendency to be a bit more spiffy than Creed. (sorry, I cant seem to find any pictures that fit)

How would their lives be different without each other?
Well, Rafe would have a clear shot to the princess, for one. Creed wouldn't have anyone to confide in. Or rather, he wouldn't have anyone who would just visit and not try to make him confide.

There you have it! Not my best work, but I'm glad to just be able to think of something halfway decent with this story.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lessons from a Fairy Tale

Hi guys! So, today I'm going to share with you a little about my relationship, outside of the story world you all have been enjoying.
I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've learned so far, just for the heck of it. Not sure how many of you are or are not in a relationship, but some of these might be helpful for when you are. Or, they might be completely  useless, but they may make you laugh. Which is just fine with me.


Things I've Learned From A Fairy Tale

1. Keep your head on.
Sometimes its easy to get caught in the heat of the moment. "Oh my gosh! He likes me!!" While its okay to have those feelings, don't live there with them. If a relationship is going to grow and be serious you have to be able to think clearly at times too. Is this something you can picture for the rest of your life, or are you just caught up in the fun and giggles of the moment? 

2. Be yourself at all times.
Do not be fake. Even with little things. It's not fair to you partner, and its not fair to you. They're trying to get to know you in this relationship. Don't make them work harder than they already have to. Don't stress yourself trying to guess what will make them like you better. If you like to sing along to the radio in the car, GO FOR IT! Just cuz they are riding shotgun doesn't mean you can't rock out like usual.

3. Don't be stiff.
While you need to have some sense of seriousness in a relationship, don't be a kill joy. Go ahead and be goofy. Be downright silly. Have fun. Say Hmmm and Yup back and forth for hours, just because neither one of you wants to break the chain. Be pointless.

4. Don't go too fast.
I would think this is sort of obvious, but its actually not. Once you get into a relationship you just really want to start firing on all cylinders. You want to say I love you after the first five minutes....Oh, you don't? Must just be me. Sorry, never mind. This goes back to keeping your head on. If you are both taking things one step at a time and not rushing into anything, you're  much more likely to have a solid relationship built on something real.

5. Too slow isn't good either.
This one is a little tricky, and must be taken carefully. But the whole point of a relationship is to grow. Don't be afraid to take steps forward.

6. Dream, make plans.
It's okay to talk about the future for the two of you. While its not guaranteed that you will end up with your date, there is no point in going into a relationship without considering it. You want to look at each other as a potential spouse, and talk about what a life together would look like. A relationship that stays at only dating forever is unhealthy and leads to ungodly things. Relationships neither go on to a marriage, or they don't work out. Go ahead and think about where it could lead. This shouldn't happen right away. That's just awkward and breaking lesson number four. But once you get a little time on your hands, it starts to make sense.

7. Set your own standards.
Now, if you're still living at home, your parents are going to have rules for your relationship. They are going to have curfews and boundaries and such. But it is important for you to set your own. By all means, obey your parents, but talk to your partner. Set your own boundaries. Make sure they are your own and that you both agree on them. A relationship built on "My dad said I can't" or "I know you disagree, but we are doing this" is not a good one. Make sure you do set standards early on. Don't assume you are both on the same page. Talk about this stuff.

8. Talk to each other.
Do not assume anything. Communication is key. If something is bothering you, get it out in the open. Don't let it fester. Don't push it off when they want to talk about something. Make sure you listen. Even if its uncomfortable, or hard. You have to be open with each other.

9. The past is done.
All of it. Don't hold their past against them. Don't dwell on your past and let it hurt your present. Do not talk about old loves, at least early on. Later, as the relationship gets strong, its okay to talk about those types of things. But don't ever let it seem like you wish something else had worked out, and your present relationship is just what you ended up with. Not even by accident.

10. Don't be sensitive.
Sometimes things will be said that might come out wrong. Don't dwell on those things. Don't let them create a problem. Don't be touchy. If he casually mentions a girl he went to prom with, that is not a threat to you. Let him talk. Go ahead and laugh at yourself. Jokes are fun, not insulting.

11. Forgive.
If they say sorry, do not drag it on. Don't play games. Don't make them feel guilty, or apologize multiple times. Tell them you forgive them. Don't keep a record of wrong. Forgive, and throw it away. You're not allowed to use it as ammunition against them.

12. Don't change, and don't ask them to.
You are who you are. They are who they are. If you or they have problems, it is God's place to work in the heart and help them grow in that area, not yours. You are not their holy spirit, and they are not yours.

13. Don't compromise.
You come into relationship with standards and beliefs. Stick to them.

14. Girls, let him lead.
He doesn't get to be a dictator, but God set it up for the man to be the leader. Don't boss him around.

15. Don't air dirty laundry and don't bad mouth his family.
If you are having issues at home, don't talk about. A little bit is fine, if you need some consolation, but don't thrash your family or anyone for that matter. It makes them bitter toward those people, because they want to side with you. And no matter how much they complain about their family, don't thrash them too. Blood is thicker than water. Complaining is alright for them. They get upset when you jump in too eagerly.

I've learned more, I'm sure. But this is what came to mind so far. Hope you like it. Feel free to add your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Creative Spark!

Guys!! It's happened!! It bidged! It boodged! It badged!!...(pardon my random lapse back to Winnie the Pooh cartoons). I wrote something fictional!!!!!

Like one page. Of a story idea I've had for awhile. Nothing on the stories I already have started. But still. It's a start.

I thought I would share it with you all. It goes with my Hey Brother story. Just be warned, I haven't edited it at all. It's a mite rough. I wrote it one afternoon at work in between patients. Not exactly a culture conducive to creative genius.

He regretted it now. Every second of the last five years weighed heavy on him like granite, and threatened to crush him into oblivion.
"Can I help you sire?"
Drayson's eyes flitted to the young servant. "Get the red jerkin from the wardrobe please, Jestin." He turned his attention to the buckles at his torso as Jestin moved to obey.
"I thought perhaps you would remain Drayson for this party. It's almost over."
"I thought about it." Drayson drew the stiff white jerkin over his head and reached for the red one Jestin offered him. "But Jaida was starting to look distraught so I thought it best to let her betrothed make an appearance."
Drayson let his servant help pull it on and tug his white shirt sleeves into place. His fingers flew to the buckles, cinching it up. He raked a hand through his thick hair, messing up the locks he'd worked so hard to smooth that morning.
"Trousers." Jestin muttered from the wardrobe and tossed a pair over his shoulder. Drayson snatched it and swapped out of his own, while Jestin collected a black pair of boots. Drayson hopped into them and raised a questioning eyebrow at the servant.
Jestin nodded, a blond strand of hair falling across his forehead. "You look like Garrick."
"Good." The word tasted like a lie in his throat. Drayson moved to the door quickly.
Yes, he regretted becoming his brother.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

More and More Story

I'm getting quite the list of links for you guys to drop over to if you want to see the earlier parts of this tale. Here, here,   here  , here. and right here. Oh and don't forget here.

It's time for the story, and how time has flown. You're not going to believe how this tale has grown. Our pair went to the picnic, they had a great time. but this is ridiculous, always speaking in rhyme.

The weekends were spent in tractors, noon hours were booked. When the internship ended and the prince would stay home, she'd go to his place to get lunch. One evening while talking, he leaned over close, and something connected right under her nose. Boy that was awkward, didn't go so well, but they got it figured out and things turned out swell. Out on a boat, on the Fourth of July, he held the princesses' hand for the first time. They shared more of their secrets, and promised to keep it. They had dreams and fears, and plans to last years. One evening by accident she let the words slip. Three words on her tongue, that off the edge tipped. The prince couldn't believe it. "Never thought you'd say it first." Then "How'd you beat me to it? I was getting ready to." It took him a day, but soon he followed, then it became habit for both of them to.  The months marched on by, time seemed to fly. At night he'd beg her not to say goodbye. "I wish I could stay here, and time would stand still." But the clock just kept ticking, despite all his will. Soon the time came for the prince to depart, the summer was past, time for college to start. The day that he left, she got her first hug. It helped the ache in her chest and the empty space in her lungs. She sent him off with food, a book, and a card. Some trinkets and giggles. Goodbye was hard. "I'll be back in five days" was what he assured, but it was only a few hours before he wanted to turn back, just like she was wishing. For the first few days, things were quite awkward. The prince wasn't quite sure how to talk with a roommate. He'd text now and then, but he wouldn't stay up late. Then he discovered the outside, and he'd talk to her for hours. A bit of a discussion, and he discovered his nerve. Now both boys are quite comfortable goofing off with each other, with their ladies on the phone.
They both pined for the weekends, the wait drove them insane. When Friday night came, the excitement was high. Saturday and Sunday, my how time did fly. The prince made his life goal to get her feet tickled. Chased her 'round the house, while she screamed and she giggled. Knocked over chairs, slammed all the doors, and broke a leg off the bed. But her feet remained safe, and he didn't wind up dead.
 One Saturday night, they went to the rodeo, sat in the top seats, paid some attention to the show. She was too short to see over the crowd, and he was too tall, when the rafters cracked him it was loud. When the cowboy fun was over, they  made a dash for Mick-D's, loaded down with ice cream, then headed home through the hills.
They worked on the semi, laid pipe, then irrigated, tromping through the mud. He ordered a pizza, that was meant to be a sub. The sandwich artist kind of panicked, didn't know how to ring it up.
They stumbled on some t-shirts. He just had to have them. They ordered them in, and that got some giggles. He was glued to her side, when church came around.
In the evenings he'd call her, they'd talk late through the night. He'd fall asleep first, before they'd say goodnight. Her pictures were hung up all over the place. Both pickups, his billfold, and right there on the fridge. She had his on the computer, her desk, and the wallet. One evening he whispered, "My address is 204" so she started sending letters, and poetry, and more. "I've got it all on my cork board. I've shown all my friends."
"Stop doing that." She warned. "Or I won't do it again. I wrote those for you, not for anyone else." He'd just laugh and she'd giggle, then send something else.
I think I'll stop here. You're pretty well caught up. Tomorrow's the weekend, maybe there'll be something new.