Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Novel Idea

It's time for a Novel Idea from Ashley at Ashley Aspires. I wasn't home for last weeks, but my word count on Running Crazy is way low, and I need some inspiration.

Here are this weeks questions, and I'll be using Reeve and Amy.


1. What kind-of house do they live in? Describe it – include pictures if you can!
Reeve lives in a single-story yellow house. Kind of a ranch style. It looks something like this.

2. What does their bedroom look like? Clean, dirty, etc
I honestly haven't developed this aspect of the story that well yet. But just guessing off their personalities, I'd say that Reeve's room is clean and pretty basic. His mom picks the décor in the house, and she makes him keep it clean.

3. Do they have a favorite room in their house?
He doesn't like to hang out in the house much. But he likes his bedroom, or the living room for things like watching movies. But I think the kitchen gets all of his love. The source of food and all things Doctor Pepepr.

4. Do they live with their family or alone?
Reeve lives with his mom and dad.


1. What kind-of house do they live in? Describe it – include pictures if you can!
Amy usually lives in Omaha with her mom, and all the houses in Omaha look pretty much the same. Some neighborhoods are all tan, or some are all gray, but they all match in style and color. So hers looks like this one.

When she spends the summers with her dad though, she lives in a trailer house.

2. What does their bedroom look like? Clean, dirty, etc
Amy's room is...clean chaos. It's not gross dirty with like clothes and dishes everywhere, but there are books, and CD's, and guitar music piled all over.

3. Do they have a favorite room in their house?
She loves her bedroom. She does everything there.

4. Do they live with their family or alone?
She lives with her mom most of the time, as well as her stepdad.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Post

Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving! Today I will be spending my time madly dashing around the house getting food ready, and then my grandma will come over and we are going to eat, and sing songs (I'll be playing guitar and my sisters have piano songs picked out), and eat, and grandma is bringing her accordion, and eat delicious things made out of chocolate, coconut, and sweetened condensed milk, maybe watch the thanksgiving day parade on TV, and definitely make fun of the little boy band singers who usually end up on there, and eat. It will be a full day.

Last night we watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movies and I was trying to decide what to write for a thanksgiving post. I wanted to do something fun, and thought I might write something like I did for Easter, but I couldn't think of anything I loved.  And I wanted there to be some kind of meaning to the post. After all, Thanksgiving is a big deal. We celebrate it because pilgrims came over to America to get religious freedom, and God provided help for them to survive and eventually led to us being here. So, this is what I came up with.

Things I Am Thankful For: (in some order, but not really after the friends column)

God: For all the patience he has with me, and all the blessings he showers in on my life.
Jesus: For stepping down from his throne to be a lowly man and dying for all my rotten sins.
Salvation:  I am so thankful that God saw fit to open my eyes to the truth of salvation.
My family:  What in heck would I do without them?
My friends:  For listening to me when I'm having a down day, putting up with my unending sarcasm, and being so darn awesome about all things in general.
Where I live: Applies to America, and Nebraska, and the exact house I live in. I love it, and I wouldn't change it a bit.
My Health:  Aside from getting an iv as a baby I have had great health all my life and I am so thankful for that, because I am terrified of doctors.
Writing: My head would just explode if I couldn't get these words out on paper.
Music:  Ninety percent of what comes out of my mouth is song lyrics. I would be a very quiet girl without music.
My Dog:  She's insane, but I love her.
Horses and all the other animals:  I am in love with my pets, and animals in general. They are amazing creations.
End of my college career:  That's coming up in a few weeks. Thankful on so many levels.
Homeschooling:  I am beyond thankful that my parents took the time to homeschool me.
The creators of Zuko, Jett, and Mako:  Because.
Books and their authors: I love getting lost in other worlds and falling in love with the characters.
Creation:  The planets, the earth, things like gravity, plants, the oceans, all of it. It is amazing and I can't get enough of learning about it.
Science:  I love science and all the ways it points to our amazing designer.
The ability to block people on Facebook:  Even though I know I probably wont, it gives me great comfort to know that I can.

I hope you guys have a great thanksgiving! Odds are I wont respond to any comments until Friday when Christmas music finally comes on the radio (NO, I will NOT be going Black Friday shopping. You cannot make me), because I'll be spending time with my family.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Back: Or, a story of sleep deprivation and caffine overdose

Hello peeps!
I missed you guys.
As per request, here is the post telling you all about my little adventure I drove off on.
Tuesday was the day of departure. I was supposed to leave at nine o'clock, but the bull went missing, the fence battery went dead, and a baby calf was up and born out in the cold, so it was nearly a full hour later than planned when we actually rolled down the driveway.
The time change from Central to Mountain made a person think the trip was 4 hours, but it was actually five. My parents dropped me off in Kimball and me and Kayla spent the next two days attending discipleship classes, and admiring the way Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki have been blessed in the looks department. Not to mention watching Potter Puppet Pals, and old music video's that never should have been made (the computerized special effects...And the OUTFITS *shudder*)
I believe we were up to around one o'clock mountain time. My laughed and said two o'clock.
The next morning we went off to Starbucks (my first ever trip there) and I got a Salted Caramel Frappuccino. Very good. We also stopped at the very first Cabela's.
After dinner we headed out for LaGrange Wyoming. I had a vague idea of one way to get there, but a person told Kayla a "better" way.
Now, this person is a guy. And guys are supposed to be really good about giving directions.
And this person also lives in Wyoming, and is supposed to know how to get around the place.
So we took his way.
Keep in mind that we were driving a car.
Everything went pretty well till the last 'ten' miles on the GPS. That was on gravel road. I live on gravel roads. They don't bother me. But these were really special gravel roads. They had free ranging cattle and horses all over them. And they drove right through ranchers yards. And when we suddenly came to a sign that said Road Damage Ahead, a person just had to stop and think How much more damaged can it get??
We had planned out the dramatic discovery of two skeletons in a white car out in the middle of nowhere Wyoming (we decided we would title this little episode The Misadventures of Kayla and Maddie) when the GPS suddenly announced that we had reached our destination.
This is what we saw.
LaGrange is a town with a bible college in it.
Armed with a eight inch long pocket knife, I went and knocked on some random farm house door. No one answered, so we went to the next one.
And the door opened to....
A wonderful older lady who informed us that we were only about ten miles away from the actual LaGrange, and that no one takes this way, and the GPS has no idea where it is.
The next three days spent in LaGrange were more bible classes, ungodly amounts of Doctor Pepper consumption, a afternoon dash to the little café/store to by a Mountain Dew, watching The Lone Ranger (my horse vet is in that movie, so I had to point him out to Bekah), helping with cleaning at the college, almost winning card games, playing ping pong across the span of two rooms, and practicing wedding makeup on the bride to be. We also stayed up very late, and when me and Bekah weren't staying up, her roommate was, so most of the mornings I had blood shot eyes and all the boys stared at me.
^watching the desolation of smaug
I also became an official Hobbit fan this week.
I had read the book see, and thought it was fine, but hadn't been a true fan. I haven't even finished the Lord of the Rings books yet.
I had saw the LOTR movie, and the first Hobbit movie, but I really wasn't so concerned about the rest.
During the first night with Kayla, she played me a whole bunch of Hobbit Soundtrack.
Then Bekah discovered that I had never seen the Desolation of Smaug yet.
And then her cousin played the soundtrack again on the way back to Kimball.
So now, I am a Hobbit fan...
I shouldn't say Hobbit fan, because I still cant get overly attached to Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, and the rest of the hobbits.
I am completely attached to Kili. And Fili. And Thorin.
I have loved Kili since the first movie, but I discovered I also liked Fili after watching him remove some twenty or so weapons from his person.
And Thorin is such a man. I can't help but love him.
Bard. Love. Enough said.
I also discovered that I'm not cut out for college life. Room mates, and shared bathrooms and showers, and bunk beds, and all the walls being one color, and the decided lack of band posters just isn't for me.
Friday night Bekah and I bribed her cousin into giving me a ride back to Kimball. Both me and Kayla were exhausted  when I arrived, but somehow we ended up on YouTube once again watching How It Should Have Ended. I'm just saying, the one for the Hunger Games was wonderful, and I wish it would have ended that way.
The next morning we packed up all our gear. I packed way too much. Didn't use half of what I brought, and forgot I had brought the other half. It's a good thing I didn't have to use it all though, because I basically planned for the apocalypse to happen while I was gone and was banking on a shortage of chap stick and pocket knives. (I could have started a black market out of my duffle bag). Then we headed out. We stopped at Starbucks for the second time in my life and I got a Caramel something or other that was really good. Halfway home we stopped at Starbucks for the third time in my life and I got a caramel espresso. Also good. We pretty much survived on apple sauce, pop tarts, and rock and roll music all the way home.
So yes, that is the story. I've got quite a few posts in mind for the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.


Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Going On An Adventure!

It's true! (Though I do not plan to run like that all the way there. Nor do I plan to ride a pony, or travel with dwarves, even though Killi is adorable)
But, I am nevertheless, going on an adventure. And I am SOO excited. A miracle has occurred you see.
I have gotten Bekah's, Kayla's, and Daddy-kin's schedules to all jive together! We have officially set a date for my trip to Wyoming!
This  week will find me jumping back and forth across the Wyoming/Nebraska border and I cannot wait.
Do not ask me how I will keep up with Nano, or what I will do about missing almost the entire deer hunting season while on a week long girls-night-out, because I don't know, but I really don't care much.
Aside from Bible Camp, this is the first time I will ever be away from my family for a long period of time. No, I don't think I'll miss them that much, but you can check back with me when I get home to be sure.
(The minions say I'm rather heartless on that front, but really, what is the point of being gloomy and missing them when I'm coming back home? It's absurd)

Also, there will most likely be no blog posting, or responding to comments done on my part while I'm away on this expedition. Don't worry. I'm not dead (hopefully), just absent.
TTFN! Ta ta for now!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Novel Idea

Hello readers! It's time for A Novel Idea, hosted by Ashley Strawser. (Happy Birthday to Ashley by the way!) I've missed two, so I decided to answer the first set of questions using all three boys from Running Crazy, since they've all been giving me fits developing their personalities lately. The second set I will answer using the girls from Running Crazy.
Reeve Matthew Coughnel
1. Are they a dog or cat person? Or neither? 
Reeve doesn't have any pets, but if he were to get one it would definitely be a dog, not a cat. Preferably a big dog.
2. What is their favorite season? 
He really likes summer time. He gets to be out of school, work more hours, and has more time to spend with friends.
3. What music do they listen to?
He likes Christian Rock. His grandma got him start listening to contemporary Christian music, and then he discovered some of the more hard core artists and started listening to them.
4. IF they’re old enough, do they drink alcohol? 
Reeve is not old enough (he's only 17), but he has no desire to drink either.
5. Do they have any bad habits? If so, what?
He drives WAY too fast. He also has a tendency to tease about things that can easily offend people, and sometimes he tries too hard to be cool and ends up making stupid choices.
1. Are they a dog or cat person? Or neither? 
Preston is not an animal kind of guy. He's not exactly a people kind of guy either though. He's more  of a Preston kind of guy.
2. What is their favorite season?
Fall. Cause football.
3. What music do they listen to?
He listens to country.
4. IF they’re old enough, do they drink alcohol? 
 He has in the past, but not lately. He's trying to behave himself.
5. Do they have any bad habits? If so, what?
Does being annoying and trying to steal the girl count?
Preston is notoriously grouchy, especially around Reeve.
Aside from personality issues, he's got into  trouble before for smoking in public, drinking as a minor and things like that.  
1. Are they a dog or cat person? Or neither? 
He actually likes kittens (which makes him weird to me). He doesn't hate dogs, and he's not even a big fan of cats, but kittens he likes.
2. What is their favorite season? 
He likes spring I guess. He really doesn't care what season it is as long as he has a heater or air conditioner to match.
3. What music do they listen to?
Whatever comes on. He usually likes scream, but his girlfriend Chloe hates listening to that, so he's mellowed his radio out a little bit since he started dating her.
4. IF they’re old enough, do they drink alcohol? 
 He's not old enough, but he does drink. At least I suspects he does. I haven't been able to prove it just yet.
5. Do they have any bad habits? If so, what?
 The afore mentioned drinking. Donny sure is generally a renegade, so fast cars, heavy flirting, all of that are habits he has acquired.
Now, for the girl's set.
Amy Dwight
1. If they could choose to live in another decade, what would they choose and why?
Amy is really quite happy with the decade she lives in, but if she had to choose another one, I think she would go for the one where they wore poodle skirts and everything was pink and black. She doesn't know exactly which decade that is though. Reeve is the history buff, not her.
2. Do they want a job that helps people or a job that makes money?
She's an in between sort of person on that. She likes to help people generally, but if she's going to do a job, she better get paid to make it worth her time.
3. If they were to come into a million dollars, what would be the first thing they would do? 
Buy her own house and move out.
4. What do they do when they’re bored? 
Search Youtube for new music, or play guitar.
5. And in honor of my birthday: What is their favorite kind of cake?
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
1. If they could choose to live in another decade, what would they choose and why?
Chloe wouldn't live in any decade but the one she is in. She would pass up on the opportunity. She likes internet and smart phones, and her boyfriend lives in this decade, so what's the point in relocating?
2. Do they want a job that helps people or a job that makes money?
She doesn't want a job right now. She wants to hang out with Donny.
3. If they were to come into a million dollars, what would be the first thing they would do? 
  Shop till she dropped.
4. What do they do when they’re bored? 
Talk to friends on the phone. Usually Donny or Amy.
5. And in honor of my birthday: What is their favorite kind of cake?
Thanks for stopping by to read guys!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

On Things Like Halloween Candy

Hi guys! I had planned this post for before Halloween, and then that didn't happen (probably because I spent most of Halloween in tears- but more of that later), and then NaNo started and I forgot I had a blog for quite awhile...
So you're getting it now.

It's November 11th, and I am still eating Halloween candy (I really should stop. I'm sure my waistline would thank me- but it's so hard to stop when the numbers on the scale haven't changed a bit).

This was my last year of dressing up (supposedly) and I was really going to hang out with my friends more than get candy, but as it turns out, I came home with more candy than either of the minions.
Of the friends who went with us, their candy is already gone, but the minions and I are still munching away.

There is an art to getting lots of candy on Halloween you see, and I thought I'd share it with you.
(I didn't share it with you before Halloween because I'm greedy and I wanted there to be more candy in circulation for me...and I just plain forgot)

Here is a simple guide for next year on how to get lots of candy.
^ Rex Burkhead

1. Pick a costume. Any costume. I ended up wearing a #22 Husker jersey and putting Mrs. Burkhead on the back of it. Now half the people in Nebraska walk around in Husker jersey's all year long, but I don't, so it counted as a costume.

(The reason for the tears Halloween afternoon? I couldn't find a costume. I had a really cute Cinderella one planned, but it ended up being freezing that day, so I scratched that. Then I had a set of Tris tattoo's that I thought I could wear, or an outfit to look like Abby from NCIS. My parents then told me that they didn't want me looking tattooed or goth for Halloween, so those were out. So I ended up as Mrs. Burkhead, but really, look at him ^ Who wouldn't want to go around town masquerading as his wife?)

2. Take a bucket, but also take a Wal-Mart sack when you go out to trick or treat. Leave the sack in the car.

3. Start about five thirty or six in the evening.

4. When your bucket is full, dump it into the Wal-Mart sack.

5. Keep trick or treating till eight or so. By then, most kids will be freezing and tired and heading home. So when you go to houses with a practically empty bucket the people will say
"Oh, you hardly have any. Here, take handfuls, so I don't have to eat it all later." If you're really lucky, they will dump their entire candy bowl in your bucket.

6. Learn slight of hand. I don't do this one, but I went tick or treating with a girl this year and people would offer their bucket out for the usual "Pick one" or maybe even "Take two" and I just stood there stunned at how many candy bars she could fit in her hand within two seconds without anyone noticing. It was impressive for her small little hands.

7. If you're a youngster, be super adorable and just walk up and smile like you have no clue what is going on and you really don't know what to say. It would be best to dress up like Raggedy Ann, or some type of character where you have rosy cheeks and nose. They'll pour the candy to you if you're cute and under four feet tall. (At least that is what I have observed while watching Minion 2 get candy over the years. It's down right crazy how people take to her. If only they knew what she was like out of costume ;))

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Birthday That Wasn't

I'm feeling like a blogging failure at the moment. See, this morning on got on the computer thinking
"It's November. I think I started my blog last November. I should find out when it is and do a blog birthday post."
Well I did get on, and guess what.
I started it on the seventh of November, 2013.
You know what today is? November 12th.
I kind of feel like Sally in It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
My birthday has come and I missed it! I'm such a fool!
Well, I guess it will be a belated birthday post.
I've really enjoyed this first year. Way more than I thought I would actually.
To date, I have
196 posts
14 amazing followers,
12,216 pageviews,
and 406 comments.
I like those numbers.
So, thank you guys for reading all this time and giving me feedback as I go.
I'm trying to think of something super fun to do for a birthday bash for you all, but I'm drawing a blank. Is there anything you guys would like to see in the next year? Things you don't like?
This year I experimented a little by doing book and music reviews, a couple tutorials, funny posts, serious posts, posts with lots of pictures, posts about my writing...
Comment away!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For Veteran's Day

This morning me and my family headed to the high school for the Veteran's Day program, where our quilt guild handed out quilts we had made for the local WW2 and Korean War veterans.
It was really great to see the guys get their quilts, and how happy it made them.
During the program there were a lot of speeches about remembering to thank our Veteran's, and how to do community service to help give back to them for their sacrifice.
I'm not putting down those speeches at all, because they were very good and true. We do need to thank the veterans in our lives. And we should try to give back to them in some way. That's the whole reason I helped make quilts with the rest of the guild.
But I want to go a step further this Veteran's Day.
Go beyond saying thank you one day out of the year.
Go beyond volunteering your time and money for a good cause even.
We can also let our veteran's know that we are thankful for all they have done, by protecting what they have given us.
It's true. We are in charge of keeping our freedoms. It's like when we were little kids and we would lose something and go crying to our parents.
My parent's always told me that it was my <toy, book, whatever> and I should have taken better care of it.
The same thing can be said of our freedom.
When the pilgrims came to America it was to have freedom.
The Revolutionary War erupted because of freedom.
The Civil War was largely over freedom of the states.
World War I, II, Korea, Vietnam,
and now in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places, were and are being fought to protect the freedom of American's, and give freedom to others.
Men and women have been fighting and dying for years to give us the freedoms we have today.
Freedom of speech. Religion. Press. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. The right to bear arms.
We would have any of those if soldiers hadn't repeatedly stepped forward throughout the years to secure and protect them.
Now that we have these freedoms, it is our duty as the people to protect them. As American's, no one is going to just come and take them away. We don't have that kind of personality that we would just let some foreign group come and take over.
The only way we will lose these precious freedoms is if we give them away, willingly, in exchange for some service or another that we have been swayed to feel is more important.
But the things we are being told are important can't exist without these freedoms the founding fathers gave us, and the soldiers have protected.
Right now society is so focused on racial equality, women's rights, prosperity in the careers we choose, and education.
All very good things.
The freedoms we have protect all of those things.
The Declaration of Independence says
"...all men are created equal..."
Women have been given the rights to vote, join the army, and everything else they want.
Things like abortion are not a right. It is a way to withhold those rights from future women.
We have the right to life.
We have the right to "the pursuit of happiness". No government can guarantee our success in our careers, but we have the right to go after it with all our might.
We don't have to give up our rights to secure these things for ourselves. We have to protect them.
By doing that, we show our veterans that we value what they did.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Beautiful Books- The Writing Post

Hello all! It's time for Beautiful Books, hosted by Cait and Sky. I am so excited for this months round of questions about our NaNo stories, and I have had so much fun reading about others projects lately.
Here are my answers.

Be honest: how is your writing going?
Kind of like that. Every night I sit there and I'm like
"Get off of Pinterest and give me six pages! Go, go go!"
But it is going good. I have 13,704 words written, so just a smidgen behind what I need to have to be on track. I'm pretty happy with that since I had a youth group sleepover this weekend and didn't really have any time to write for two days.

What’s your first sentence/paragraph?
“Reeve! Wait up man, I have to ask you something.”
(That is the first sentence, and the first paragraph XP)
Do you have a book cover, and/or pictures that reflect your book?
Are you sure you want to go there?


 I do have a cover made for it, but I can't get the file to load, so if you want to see it again, it's on this  post.
Do you have pictures of each of your characters? If not, describe them for us! (Be as descriptive as you can.)
 I do have pictures of some of them.

Amy. She's a blonde, but she smiles like this one ^
Preston                                      And Donny
Chloe still has no picture, and no face in my mind so...
What scene are you most excited to write?
 I'm very excited to write the scene when Reeve and Amy have split off from the rest of the group and they get to Laramie. I can't tell you why, because spoilers.
Share a snippet or a scene that you really enjoyed writing.
I haven't gotten to any juicy scenes yet, but I really liked writing this one.

“Oh.” His grandma exclaimed. “You brought a different pickup.”
“Yup.” Reeve grinned and nodded. “I just got it all rebuilt.”
“So is the other one gone?”
“No.” Reeve settled her on the curb and opened the passenger door. “I still have it. But I’m planning on selling it off as soon as I can.”
“Oh.” She sounded sad. “I like that one.”
Reeve shrugged a little as he held her hand as she slowly sank in to the seat. “Well, I can’t really keep two pickups around.”
“Then why did you buy this one when you already had the other?”
Reeve laughed and shook his head. He closed the door and walked around to the other side. “Grandma,” He pulled away from the house. “People drive Dodge pickups when they’re smart enough to stay away from Ford’s, but haven’t quite reached the right level of awesome to drive a Chevy.” He patted the steering wheel reverently. “I have arrived.”
Now that you're writing, have any of the plot details, or the process itself, turned out different from what you planned or imagined?
Yeah, a few things have changed. I've discovered that Preston thinks Amy is cute, and I've also discovered why Donny didn't mention that he had dated Amy previously. Reeve's parents are more on scene than I thought they would be, and Amy has more problems with her dad than I thought.  And Reeve's grandma got way more page time than I had originally planned.
Is there a character or aspect of your plot that's difficult to write?
 Oddly enough, Reeve is very difficult for me to write. I've role played as him for literally years, but I'm having a hard time getting his personality down in the story like I want it.
I'm also having a bit of trouble making the scenes where they're driving interesting.
What’s your favorite aspect of this novel so far? Favorite character?
 I love the unspoken friendship between Reeve and Amy that has sprung up. And Reeve is my favorite character, hands down.
Have you drawn off of any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and characters?
I have used tons of life experiences. Right now the characters are following the same route for vacation that I did a few months ago, so I'm using a lot of my pictures I took to get a feel for the landscape again. Reeve is loosely inspired by my dad, and his grandma is pretty much identical to mine. I used Preston's name from a guy I know, but their personalities are nothing alike.
Do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or characters?
Well, I do, but most of the songs are more for the sequel, but they do give me a feel for what has to happen in Running Crazy. 

FM Static- Moment of Truth
Skillet- Those Nights
FM Static- Hold me Twice
FM Static- Tonight
Pink- Just Give Me a Reason
Chris August- It's Always Been You
FM Static- Black Tattoo
Del Shannon- Runaway

 I think there are a couple more, but I can't find the scrap of paper I scribbled them down on at the moment.
Let’s have some fun for a moment: imagine you are somehow transported into your book’s world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging out with?
How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily wordcount? (Pinterest? Internet breaks? Chocolate?)
That aforementioned drill sergeant.
No, I make myself write one page at a time, and in between I can take a three or four minute break to get on Pinterest or facebook or whatever I want. And I eat Halloween candy as I go, so that makes things easier. Also, I get on the nano website every few pages and check where my writing buddies are at, and that inspires me to keep writing.
Except Mirriam. She makes me want to just call it quits. The girl has over 20K wrote already!
I'm joking. I'm really enjoying hearing about her stories progression.
What’s your favorite writing quote or piece of writing advice?

How does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? Crying? Frustrated?
Oh, kinda stuck like this kitty.
A little panicked and franticly running in circles to get the words down.
I have a feeling this applies somehow...
In all honesty I'm enjoying it, despite the few slumps that have come along.
Now! I have school to do, and a couple thousand words to write to get caught up. So long!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dodging Spoilers

Hi guys! Besides Nano, and an insane amount of fence and cow work, do you know what I've been doing?
Trying to avoid spoilers for The Heir book.
Seems like every time I get on Pinterest, blogger, or anywhere there is some kind of post screaming *SPIOLER!SPOILER!* all over. And I appreciate the heads up of course, but I'm a bit of a rebellious little sneak, and whenever I see the Major Spoiler, Don't Read tag, it really makes me want to read it.
Thus far though, I have been able to guard my blueish greenish, cant decide what color they really are, eyes.
Mostly because I have absolutely no desire to find out that America married Maxon.
Minion 1 assures me that I will be happy with the end of The One. That it was very well done, and there is no possible way I could be upset with it.
But she's wrong.
I could very easily be upset if America were to go with Maxon in the end. And since he's one of two options for her right now, that means there is a 50% chance I will be crushed and throw the book at the wall.
What about you? When you see a spoiler tag are you more likely to skim what comes after it, or close the tab screaming and run away to wash your eyes?
I must admit fandoms have been ruined more than once for me because of Pinterest.
The Divergent series, the Maze Runner series, even the Mortal Instruments series (and I'm not even in that fandom).
I see a spoiler post and I just want to skim the words and make sure that my favorite character's name doesn't appear next to the words 'death' 'died' 'killed' or any similar phrase.
I want to be sure they survived.
Which of course lets me find out who married who, who is related, who's not, who's not really evil, etc, etc.
I should just learn to accept the fact that all of my favorite characters die, so there is no need to worry over them.
Once a millennia when one actually survives, it can come as a pleasant surprise then.