Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Sacred Search

This isn't really a book review, as I haven't finished the book yet, but it has to do with the book.
This is totally not the type of book I usually read. It's actually a Bible study. My aunt and cousin asked me and Minion 1 to do it with them, and it's turned out to be way too much fun.
The book is about making sure you're ready for marriage, or dating. Whichever stage of the game you are in. While reading it, there's been some of the obvious things like-
Make sure you're both Christians.

But I've also learned some very cool things that I had never realized before, and I thought I made share them with you, in a more Gospel according to Maddie sort of way.
I'm not currently dating anyone (I've never actually had a boyfriend), but this stuff is good to know whether you're not dating yet, dating, engaged, whatever.

Lesson #1 I learned: Stop with the lists.
I've heard so many girls do this. They make a big list of what they want their perfect husband to be like, and they refuse to date anyone who doesn't meet those exact standards. (I'm not talking like the important things. You shouldn't compromise on them. But some girls will die over a mole hill). This book has helped me realize, that while I have a list for what I want my guy to be like, the guys around me have a list for what they want their girl to be like. Am I living up to that? Not saying I have to be perfect. But neither do the guys. We should both be striving to be the best partner we can be for each other, and not be nit-picky about little things.

Lesson #2 I learned: There isn't just one.
In the book, it told how in ancient times people believed humans used to be just blobs that were both male and female, and because of power struggles, the gods (thank Percy Jackson's grandpa) split them in two- making male and female. The point of this was to weaken humans by making them constantly search for their other half and they would be miserable until they found them. Obviously, this isn't true. The Bible doesn't say anywhere that there is only one man (I'm assuming I have all girl readers, but guys can insert gal) that we can marry and be happy. The Bible actually leads us to believe that there are plenty of perfectly reasonable choices, and when we've considered all the facts (are they a Christian, do we have similar goals in life, can he provide for a family, etc.) it comes down to which one do we like better. (A lot of people will throw out that God specifically chose wives for men in the Bible, but that was only the people in Jesus' family line. Jesus had to have specific lineage, so God chose the husbands and wives.)
Simple isn't it? This was great for me because it has long been my fear that I will marry someone and find out I married the wrong guy and my life will be ruined. Not so people. We could have five guys that are totally the same. Equal spirituality, equal situations. Nothing that screams this is the one God has picked for you. And you know what? We would get to pick the guy we like best, and there wouldn't be this  terror that we made the wrong choice. As long as we are walking in God's will in our life, what we choose will automatically be what he wants for us.

Lesson #3 I learned: Get out and find the guy!
This is another one I've come across a lot. I've read a lot of places where it says its wrong to go looking for a dating partner or spouse. They say that you should wait for God to bring the person.
I'll agree with that to a certain extent. It is wrong to flaunt yourself and throw yourself at people in a desperate attempt to get a relationship. But if you're truly ready to start pursuing a relationship, it makes no sense to not start pursuing. These things literally act like you shouldn't talk to guys, show any interest at all, and just wait for God to drop him in your lap with a ring. Not realistic. We are allowed to get out and meet people and try out relationships (smartly) and move on if its not right.

That's all I got, but I thought you guys might find these as interesting and helpful as I did.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Movie Night With Writers

Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine wasn't too shabby at all.
You might be pleased to know that I actually have a topic for todays post. (Or maybe you're not. Maybe you like it when I ramble on incessantly. Sorry to disappoint)

 Last night, we watched Saving Mr. Banks- it's a new movie about how the Mary Poppins movie came to be made.
And as I was sitting there watching Mrs. Travers shoot down every idea the Disney crew had, I couldn't help but pretty much hate her. She was bossy, she was inconsiderate, she was ridiculous in her demands. I mean, don't get me wrong, if someone wanted to make a movie out of my story- it would be a miracle- I would want them to do it right. But I wouldn't ban the color red from the film.
I think the movie really should have been called Saving Mrs. Travers, because she didn't become all that loveable right up until the end. You should watch it. Honest. But anyway-

That got me to thinking about other writers in film. You remember Alex Rover from Nim's Island? (The female writer, not the awesome dude with the accent)
Unlike our Mrs. Travers, she isn't cruel and snobbish.
She's "borderline" agoraphobic.
She's crazy.
You go the whole movie screaming at her to pull it together.

Writers on the big screen all seem to follow this trend. Insane with a serving of holier-than-thou.
Why is that?
Literary writers are nothing of the sort. At least none that I've encountered.
Take Jo March from Little Women. We all love her to death. Sure, she's a bit of a boss, but in a sisterly sort of way. She's a little bit crazy, but be honest, who doesn't love to dress up? I do it every chance I can get.
Or Rose from the Healers Apprentice. She writes stories- which she shouldn't do- and it's one of the things readers love about her. She's not the least bit crazy or demanding in any way.
Let's not forget Meggie from Inkheart. True, her writing throws a lot of danger in her lap, but you wont find a bit of agoraphobia or anti-fun characteristics in her.

Which got me to thinking even more (watch out, things can get dangerous when I think).
Which one is true? Are all writers insane and mean? Are all writers just typical human beings?
According to Pinterest we're all crazy. But since when can we trust the internet?

So I decided to look to the writer I know best.



Here's what I found out.

1. I am bossy. But I'm the oldest sister. It's an unwritten law and I refuse to consider otherwise.
2. While I do like my time in the house, I am not at all afraid to go outside and get my mail.
3. I hate hand sanitizer.
4. I do not like cats any older than a month old, so there is no danger of me becoming a crazy cat lady.
5. I do like things to be just so, but I will occasionally let it be other people's so's. (Like when Minion 1 points out that I can't write about that guy because he died back in chapter six)
6. True to the internet version of a writer, I do talk about my characters as if they are real. BUT, I do not talk directly TO them.
7. I'm not crazy. *all my friends start shouting out evidence to the contrary*
8. So, I'm a little bit crazy, but so far, no one has screamed at me about it, so I guess I'm fine.
9. I will always play dress-up. And when I play, I will always be the prince/guard/knight guy. Because I've outgrown the princess dresses, and the Minions fail miserably when it comes to pretending to be charming.

I think we can safely conclude that writers are neither horrible (how could such great things as books come from something horrid?), nor are they completely out of their minds- they simply excuse themselves from sanity from time to time.

It's either that or I'm the friendliest, most normal writer in existence...That's a scary thought.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


You're invited!
To: A Party!
Where: My blogs virtual backyard
Why? Because I just finished my final test of the semester!! Like, I have absolutely no more school to work on at all. Done. Finished! And with a good grade I might add.
Hi there! Come on in.
Sign my guest guitar please,
Then have a seat wherever you like :)
I've set up place cards so that all the fandoms can sit together and I don't end up with a fandom war on my hands.

Do you like my decorations? I spent five looong excruciating minutes working on them.

Drinks are right this way, and there's cookies if you want a light snack.

As for cake...I couldn't decide on just one. So there's lots to choose from. Eat up!


And it simply wouldn't be a party without music. Since this is virtual and I'm using monopoly money, I got a couple bands to entertain us.

Thanks for coming to my party! I had so much fun, and you guys can come back any time you want. Just maybe give me a call before you come over. Sometimes my blog's bedroom is a big mess and needs a little work before mortal eyes can see it.
(In case anyone was curious, except for the band pictures, all of the others came from my wedding board on pinterest...If future hubby cooperates, it's going to be amazing.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Books Books Books

Well, it's windy as all get out outside, and nothing of great note has happened since yesterday, but I'm kind of in the reading mood, so I thought I'd let you know what I'm reading and maybe you guys can get some ideas for some fun books to read this summer.

1. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
Yep. Minion 1 got me to read it finally. This is the sequel to The Maze Runner, and I'm enjoying myself with it. But I'm only chapter eight or so. When she asked me what I didn't like about it I said "The chapters are too short. I get a nice stopping point every page or two. When I have a book with long chapters, I can't possibly stop mid-chapter so I have to keep reading, and I get a lot more read."
They are really exciting chapters though, even if they are short.
2. Ring of Secrets by Roseanna M. White
I. Love. This. Book. I only have it on my kindle, so unfortunately I don't read it as fast as I'd like. Something about staring at the screen that long without actually typing or changing the look frequently bothers me. But the book is so good. Very exciting, and it keeps throwing twists at me I'm not sure how she's going to get out of.

3. A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle
This is my first Sherlock Holmes book I've ever read, and I love him. He's quite a bit like Sherlock from the movies.

4. Embassy by Alex S. Martin
I got this one as a freebie on my Kindle from Alex and it's totally different from what I'm used to reading. I mean, it takes place in outer space. But I like it. It's a good different.

5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
I got to admit, I'm totally lost with this book. I'm a dialogue, character, and plot driven kind of person. I like the characters to talk, and I like to hear their internal thoughts, and I like to see them do things, as opposed to just reading that they did something. As for plot, I really prefer there to be one. Some kind of action somewhere. But I've been informed by my Austen reading mother that it is just a story of a girl and that I have to respect the classics.

6. Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis
This is a very sweet book, and I like it a lot, but I'm reading it very slow because I can't quite seem to find the rhythm of it yet. It kind of bounces around from place to place. But it's still adorable and touching, so definitely worth the read.

Anyone who follows me on Goodreads knows that I've been working on five of these for ever and don't seem to be getting any further in them, but I have an excuse. I stopped reading them midway through to try to read The Fault in Our Stars, and The Fifth Wave.
Sad to say, I quit reading both of them. I'm sure TFIOS is as sad and sweet as everyone says, but I read the first chapter and just couldn't stand Hazel. Her personality annoyed me, and aside from that there was a lot of inappropriate material dumped right into the first chapter. Not a good first impression.
The Fifth Wave turned out to be about aliens, which wasn't my cup of tea anyway, but there was huge amounts of language, and the story didn't flow nice for me, so I had to put it down.

Hopefully now I can get back to work on these other ones and move on to the stack that is waiting for me next to my bed. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Insanity

Hiya guys! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I sure did. And the fun isn't over yet, due to some conflicting schedules, my family Easter bash has been backed up a week, so I get to just spread the love and chocolate.

My Easter this year was actually pretty simple, which was a nice change, since it's usually pretty hectic. Me and the family went to church in the morning and then spent the afternoon at my Grandma's house. After that a stop at a friends house that was supposed to be a three minute item pickup, turned into like a two hour chat session. And chat sessions are always fun.
Easter morning my dad hid candy for us girls, so now my mom has pictures of us all running around in PJ's and bedhead. Not good. Luckily, I've got worse pictures of her that I can hold as insurance that she wont be posting them anywhere. Ah, sweet intimidation.
Since Easter is over for the most part, I have that mentality now of "I'm going to start eating healthy!"
But mom literally just offered me a Mountain Dew if I would go check the cows for her.
And really, what's the point of eating healthy when we're going to have another Easter in May?
There is no point. There just isn't.
You know another thing that has no point?
This blog post.
I have no clue where I'm heading with it right now, at this moment, as I'm typing.
Maybe I'll talk about wanting to cook something yummy for that Easter dinner.
Or maybe I'll mention that field work has started so my jeans are covered in dirt.
Or that I have guitar students coming over this evening.
Or that I've signed up for my third semester at college and had the horrible experience of finding out the third class I need isn't offered in the summer so I'll have to take semester #4 too.
And oh my gosh, Four is so cute.
(Please tell me someone remembers good ol' Ben from Treasure Planet)
Yeah, that's it. We're going to talk about spring.
(Can you tell I couldn't go to sleep last night to save my life?)
Spring is my favorite season, and now that the snow drifts that dumped on everything last week have melted, I feel like it's actually here, and not lying to me. Things are starting to get green, and there's tractors out in the fields, and I'm digging life.

I would be perfectly happy if half the year was spring and half was fall and there were maybe two snow days to go sledding and snowboarding, and like maybe a week or so of low 90's weather to swim. I'm more of a jeans and jacket kind of girl. Which may have a slight affect on the reason that I'm whiter than your average snowflake. I don't know.

Besides grass and flowers and trees and all that typical stuff, there's a lot of things been blooming- in my head. Story ideas. Character ideas. Random snippets of dialogue that I have no clue who they belong to. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing Blaze (You may be happy to know that he survived yet another battle last night while at quilt guild. No wait, I was at quilt guild, he was in the story.). I'm thinking when I type it onto the computer (Cause Blade lives in tablets right now. Lots of them. And so far I've only lost one page. And I know for a fact it was an argument between him and Asher.) that I might need to change it to present tense instead of past.
Do you know how hard it is to die in past tense??

With every word that brings me closer to finishing Blaze I'm really wanting to get back to my other stories. I think I've worked out some of the knots in my Dystopia story, and my pinterest boards for the others are chuck full of new inspiration. It has been decided that Jake needs to be in deeper trouble, and my sister informed me that unless he comes to some form of repentance, she will feel guilty about liking him so much. She also mentioned that he pretty much unsaveable.
Oh ye Minion of little faith.

While I'm bouncing all these ideas around in my mind I've also got new ones demanding to at least get a Pinterest board. Like, I have this odd idea that's just called Reed Mason. And all it is is a guy named Reed and he goes on a road trip. Or the little boy who dreams about a little critter named Gus. Or the gladiator. Or a story about one of King David's men. Or maybe something more about Zacher. (I gotta admit, I liked that guy a lot more than I planned to)
Right now I'm not writing on any of them, but I am starting to collect a stash of pins for them, and scribbling down notes now and then. We'll see what happens with them.
What happened to talking about spring?

Friday, April 18, 2014

King of Thieves

     Zacher peered around the doorframe before stepping inside. The house was quiet. The only sounds his ears picked up came from outside; people getting ready for the Passover feasts. Keeping one eye on the interior, he tipped his face back toward the door. "It's clear Amol."
     His comrade slipped inside the door to his side. Hard lines crossed his tanned face, and he looked older than his twenty years. The result of the life he lived. Zacher wondered if his would be the same before long.
     Amol pushed past him. "I told you they would be gone. They're very devout people. They would want everything in order before the feasts."
     Zacher followed him further into the house. "I'd rather be cautious. You don't know everything. One of these days you'll be caught, and I don't plan to be with you."
     Amol made a dismissive sound and found his way to the bed chamber. "They're well off. I'm sure she has jewels here somewhere."
     Zacher needed no more prodding. He moved through the families belongings with speed, making sure to return things back to their places just as quickly. He slid coins and necklaces and rings into the pouch at his waist. Every once in a while he could hear a pleased exclamation come from Amol on the other side of the room.
     Replacing the lid on a wood box he turned. "Let's get out of here, before they get back."
     Amol straightened, sliding something into his pouch. "You worry too much. No ones home, and they wont be for hours. There's whole other rooms to look through."
     Zacher patted his pouch. "Mine's full."
     "I thought you were smart. Surely you can find room for more."
     Zacher rolled his eyes. "Lead the way, Akan."
     Amol shot him a glare. "That's not my name."
     "You're parents didn't call you One who troubles? Shame." Zacher shook his head.
     Amol looked smug. "You follow me around. What does that make you?"
     "The more sensible of the two. You'll charge right into any trouble to be had first, and I'll have time to escape."
     "Bah." Amol turned away and continued his search throughout the house. Zacher moved through with him, stuffing items as he went. One thing Amol was right about. These people had money. He'd be eating good off this one for a while. Finally Amol was satisfied with his search, and Zacher's pouch truly was full to overflowing.
     He grinned excitedly at his friend as he made his way to the door. "Let's get out of here. I want to see how much more I got than you." He faced forward and collided with someone coming in the door.
    Zacher staggered back with a startled yelp, as the man he'd rammed yelled in anger.
    "Thieves! Stop them!" Zacher whirled and passed Amol in a dash back inside, heading for one of the nearest window. The man followed him in, still yelling. A boy a bit younger than Zacher ran in from the back and Zacher veered to avoid him. He swore when he saw there was no way out and pulled a knife out of his belt. His heart pounded in his ears and he thought his head might explode. "Stay back!" He shouted, pressed against the wall. Amol was to his right, spewing threats and curses. The boy took a step closer and Zacher threw the knife at him. He cried out in pain and fell back and Zacher darted past him. The man thundered behind him and he could hear the boy's cries for help.
    "Hurry up!" Amol insisted, shoving him from behind and almost knocking him over. He stumbled out into the street, Amol running past him. Zacher darted the other way, hoping to get lost in one of the crowds that had been coming into Jerusalem.
     The angry homeowners shouts followed him and he cursed again when he saw a human wall begin to hem him in. He skidded to a halt, gravel underfoot almost dropping him and looked for some way of escape.
     A furious scream behind him caused him to jerk and two men seized on his arms. "Let go!" He hollered, kicking and flailing. They couldn't take him! They couldn't take him! They'd crucify him!
He struggled but more men moved to bind him and he couldn't fight them all off. Someone struck him over the head and the world flashed to darkness.
     Zacher groaned and forced his eyes open. He'd expected light to blind him but it was dark where he found himself. Only a dim light hung in the area from a source he couldn't see. He knew immediately where he was though. Prison.
     "About time you woke up." Zacher hadn't seen Amol sitting against the opposite wall. "Why'd you have to take us to a dead end?"
     Zacher heaved himself to a sitting position, head spinning. "If you'd just left when I said so we wouldn't be in here." He snarled.
    "Of course, Zacher always knows best." Amol spat the words out.
    Zacher lunged to his feet and curled his hands around Amol's throat. "You got my caught!" He screamed. "You know what they're going to do? You know what's going to happen?!"
     Amol twisted and flung Zacher to the ground. The hard floor sent a shock of pain through his head. "Don't you ever touch me again you little rat! This is your fault!"
     Zacher kicked at him and moved back on the floor against the other wall. "You just stay away from me." He growled, holding his head.
     He tried to calm his breathing, think clearly. Maybe he could get out. Maybe there was a way. "Have they charged us yet?"
     Amol nodded slowly. "You took a big crack to the head. You've been unconscious for hours. They already know who we are. How many people we've robbed."
     Zacher glared. "You told them." His eyes picked up on blood smeared across Amol's face.
     "They already knew." He snapped.
     Zacher closed his eyes. How had this happened? He'd been stealing for years. No one had even come close to catching him. "Oh God." He groaned. Maybe he would hear and blast the walls down. He'd heard a story like that from his grandfather. That seemed so long ago. Like a different life. With a little boy that wasn't him at all.
     "God can't help you now." Amol's voice cut through his thoughts. "They're going to crucify us."
     Zacher tried to block out the angry screams of the people outside. The deadly chant that had come up, throwing his destiny into his face with every breath.
     "Crucify, crucify!"
     "Why won't they stop? We're not that infamous." He groaned.
     Amol sneered, seeming determined to remain vile until the end. "They've got that Jesus fellow out there. That one everyone's been talking about lately? The King of the Jews." He spit. "Guess he wasn't a king after all."
     Zacher opened his eyes, a reply ready on his tongue when the door swung open and two guards walked in. Zacher's eyes widened in panic and he screamed and thrashed as they tied his arms and dragged him outside.
     The path to the hill seemed too short. The end was coming too fast. It was entirely too long. He couldn't stand to look at the rocks stood out from the ground like bones. It only took longer, and burned the terror deeper into his body every time the other prisoner, that Jesus, fell with his cross.
Zacher wished he could just die on the way. His heart was beating fast enough. It might give out. He couldn't take this.
     His stomach rolled and he vomited, stumbling when one of the soldiers shoved him to keep moving. He staggered and fell and almost started crying when he realized where he was. This was the place. The hill of the skull.
     His mind fogged over and all he could grasp was pain. Pain and fear, and the metallic smell of blood. Screams rang in his ears. Were those his? Amol's? His body shook violently and he seemed to have no control of it at all. Nerves screamed in his ears and he alternated feeling on fire and frozen. There was a horrible moment of dizzying motion and then a terrible jar and he screamed when he realized it was his cross falling into the hole.
     Burning pain ran through his body but he couldn't force another scream out. He couldn't breathe. Panic seized him and he could hardly force himself to push up on his legs to catch a breath. For a agonizing minute he hung there and when he opened his eyes again he was able to recognize what was happening around him. Amol was on the far side, and the Jesus man was between them. A crowd was down below him, but they were focused on Jesus.
 "Come down. Come down, King of Israel.  Can't God save his own son? Maybe he doesn't want you. Come on, save yourself!"
     Anger flared inside him. "You said you're the King of the Jews! I don't see you doing anything for us! Why don't you save us, if you're our king?" He gasped and pushed himself up for another breath. Don't talk. He chided himself. Breathe. Breathe.
     Time seemed to drag on and the weight of the world crushed in on his chest. There was no way out. No way down off this beam. He was dead already. Tears choked inside his throat but he didn't have enough air to cry properly. His heart beat frantically, as he struggled to breathe, searing in his hands and feet with every throb. He couldn't get out of this. They'd finally caught him. And now they were making him pay. Pay. He wished he could give it all back. Pay back every item he'd stolen. he would do anything. Anything. But he couldn't. Because he was nailed to a cross and dying. He was paying.
     Amol's voice rang out through the others. "If you're really the Christ, save yourself. And us too. Go on!"
     Zacher forced his eyes open and turned his head slowly. What was Amol doing? This man said he was the son of God, and Amol was railing on him while he himself died? "Don't you fear God? You're dying same as him." He swallowed and sucked in another hard breath. "We deserve this. We're paying for our crime. This man didn't do anything wrong." He closed his eyes as a wave of nausea washed over him then looked at Jesus. "Lord..." He forced the words out of his dry throat. "Remember me...when you come into you Kingdom."
     He blinked hard and Jesus turned to look at him. Zacher was startled by the expression he saw. It wasn't just pain, or anger, or fear, or sorrow, or any of the things Zacher felt or saw on Amol's face. It was love. "For sure," He said. "Today, You're going to be there with me, in Paradise."
     Zacher's eyes widened and he started to respond but the world suddenly went dark. Zacher screamed, terrified that death had come for him already, but then he felt the pain still and he realized he was still alive. Why was it dark? What was happening? A rumble filled the air and he could hear Jesus crying out, but the noise and his own pain induced delirium wouldn't let him understand the words.
     Time seemed to come to a stop in the dark and he wished for the end. The pain grew with every breath, and it was getting harder to push himself up to inhale. He didn't noticed the soldier getting up until he felt the pain go through his legs as they snapped.
     Zacher opened his eyes and the pain wasn't there anymore. He looked around? What? What had happened? His eyes dropped to his hands but there was no more blood, no more holes, or spikes.
     He looked up quickly for whoever had said his name and smiled suddenly. "Jesus." He dropped to his knees, no pain in his legs anymore. "You were right, my King." 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


(see the title up there? That's another one of my nicknames, just sayin. My mom felt the need to combine guitar with Tarzan when I was ten. Don't ask me why)

So I really don't have anything big planned to write about. (I really need to read all those pinterest pins titles 1000 awesome ideas for blog posts) I wrote like four pages of Blaze last night, but it's some very nasty writing and I just don't want to show it to the world just yet.
                      But, I do have some stuff going on in my life that might be interesting.
                                            (not as interesting as Blade's but close maybe)

First off, I want to throw a little party announcing that I submitted my make believe project to my teacher about five minutes ago, and in a few weeks I should get my real life grade for it.
                                                        *crossing fingers its a good one*
Writing fake job resume's isn't really my strong point. Like, looking at the job experience label.
"Um...I'm insane. I can write really bad first drafts. People laugh at my jokes."
I mean, come on people, what the heck do you even put in a resume? It's all just so boring. Ah well.

And for the rest of my post:
Guitar lessons.

I took a leap of faith and got on our local Buy, Sell, and Trade Facebook page and said that I was offering guitar lessons.
And got like flooded.
I've still got  four maybe's who haven't got back to me. And now I've got four full-time students.
Yesterday one of them came over. I was kind of nervous, because I didn't actually know the little boy, but he brought half his family along, and you know how adorable it is when a four year old finds out you have real chicken eggs in your kitchen and decides right then and there that he needs guitar lessons, and wants to spend the night?
That's just adorable.
And a total icebreaker for the whole rest of the lesson.

This evening I have two more students coming over. One for her second lesson, and the other for his first. The boy is actually my Sunday School student at church, so I'm already pretty sure of myself with him.
Promise him he can talk about the zombie apocalypse as much as he wants if he finishes the lesson. Bam.
He'll focus the whole time and have it mastered.
He's a great kid, he really is, and so is the girl. But I get to talk about fun girl stuff with her. Nothing like bazookas and how to properly kill a zombie in the newest Xbox game. Sad day.

In general I just love guitars. I mean, unless I have to, I don't even play them that much, but when I get one in my hands I kind of go nuts and start doing all kinds of crazy stuff on them that sounds awesome (to me).

The other day, I turned on my new amp and electric guitar for the first time.
There's a setting on there that makes it sound like a fighter jet is flying out of my guitar through the amp!
Do you have any idea how cool that is??
That's cool!
And there's like 89 settings I haven't even tried yet.

Keith Harkin is like my hero of the guitar world. He's an adorable Irish surfer dude, who was with this group called Celtic Thunder for a while (not my ideal choice in music, but I like to listen to it a few times a year) and now he plays a lot of 'pubs'. (The guy is hilarious to listen to) So while I'm not a huge fan of his music, his obsession for guitars is right up my alley.
He buys a guitar in every music store he steps foot into.
Last I checked he had forty-five.
I'm close on his heels with 6.

Monday, April 14, 2014

This is MaddieJ Reporting

(Cause I totally look like this. Not)
                                        Hi ya'll! So I have all kinds of things to report.
(Sorry I don't have any pictures for you guys. It's an agreement I've made with my parents that I wont put our personal pictures out on the internet for strangers. But, if you are my buddy on facebook, you can find all the great pictures from this weekend on there.)

I'll start with the beginning- a word that here means, Friday (can you tell I watched a Series of Unfortunate Events lately?)
Friday I went to prom. And to be honest, I thought it was going to be a disaster. (other girls feel that way on prom morning don't they?) Cause the adorable lace dress I got to wear...the zipper broke. Just broke. For no reason at all. So, in a final desperate attempt, I had noticed that my cousin was wearing an adorable lace dress in her engagement pictures. SO, I obviously asked her where she got it. I was then told that she had no idea where it came from, it was actually her brother's wife's dress....meaning, it belonged to my other cousin's wife. So cousin-in-law....
So I got on my little goonie machine (that's dad speak for ipod) and asked Mrs. Cousin-in-law where she got the dress. From her niece.
(I felt like a detective)
....I don't have access to her niece. But, because she's wonderful, she sent the dress with my mailman to drop off. And it was soooo cute. But it needed a jacket over it. And it's very hot at prom. So I couldn't wear that one.
So I wore a black t-shirt with silver Celtic crosses all over it, and some capris. Not the greatest prom outfit, but it all worked out because after the main dinner everyone changed into jeans and shirts to dance. So I blended right in.

You know that moment when you're at a prom, and you're graduated from high school so you're supposed to help with the food and not have fun, so you're hanging out with the grownups. And you're waiting for someone to show up. And he's not showing up. And like the  clock is ticking away your night and your just certain that your night is going to be wrecked because you'll be trapped with the adults all night? Anyone know that feeling? Let me just tell you it's not a fun feeling. At all. You feel even smaller than five feet tall (and that's small people).
                                                               And then he walks in.
                                                       And the night suddenly gets better.

It was Minion 1's first prom so I feel obligated to tell you that she had tons of fun and I didn't have to resort to violence on anyone dancing with her.
(Now other people...I may have pushed my dance partner. But in a very teasing, kind way. Same with calling him a jerk. It was friendly.)

                                                      After serving the food the dance started.

Now stop right here. I feel the need to tell you that everything happening after this point was completely sneaky business and don't tell anyone. Okay?

Like I said, I'm graduated. But I'm the same age as all the kids who were at the dance. (I graduated a year early) So, obviously, I wanted to dance.
                          So Minion 1 very casually said, "Maddie come dance with me."
                                      So my night of sneaky illegal dancing began.
The first two dances were with Minion 1 and then a certain late cowboy danced with me the rest of the night, and I have adorable pictures of it all.

Dad came to get us at 10:30 when it got over and we got home at 12:30. (I may or may not have left there with Taylor Swift playing in my head. Trouble when you walked in....)For some reasons I'll not be publishing I didn't get to sleep till most likely 1:00 or later. And then I woke up at 3:00. And laid there till 4:00 when I bounced up, and put my curly prom hair in an awesome messy bun (I woke up with dang cute hair man) and  me and mom headed for the writers conference. It took us till 8 in the morning to get there and so I was living on coffee and energy supplements and donuts and coffee and coffee and I was kind of a bouncy zombie. Like I couldn't function. But I couldn't stop moving.
There were four speakers, and they were all great and hilarious. Two of them were from Hollywood, and those people...Wow. I thought I was crazy. I got three books. One on epublishing, one on marketing in the traditional publishing realm, and one called The Shy Writer Reborn, which literally covers EVERYTHING. I talked to a lot of cool people. One of which had pink hair and reminded me of a certain friend of mine. (*cough* you went to see Divergent with me *cough*) She was awesome.
When we headed home I was SO ready for sleep, but my mom was twitchy. Like her arms and eyeballs were twitching while she was trying to drive. So I felt obligated to talk incessantly and keep her awake and on her side of the road. (I'm a very paranoid passenger) I'm sure if you asked her she would say that 90% of it made zero sense at all. And the 10% that did, she has no recollection of anyway.

But we had a great time together and I loved every minute of it. I did manage to stay awake through church, though it was hard and I'm sure the pastor was watching me closely.
But, now I'm feeling energized and ready to write, and blog, and read....and unfortunately, I have to find a job opening to pretend to apply for with my college teacher (she likes to play pretend. Last week I pretended to book her a flight to Florida, and got her a very cool hotel room and rental car. She gave me 100%...A real one- not pretend). So, since I have to go play make-believe of the boring sort, I'd better sign off here. Enjoy your day!