Friday, February 28, 2014

A Decision

I have news guys. Terrible news. I'm going to quit watching Revolution.
And I'm very sad.
But, I really think it is the right thing to do, due to the careless and demeaning way the show has taken to referring to God.
I know I shouldn't be surprised. Hollywood is famous for this type of thing. But for some reason I thought making it halfway through the second season, and not having much to worry about on that front, I thought maybe I could make it through. Guess not.
What annoys me to no end is that the character who is slighting God's name in the show, saying how their computer technology is better, and how they don't need God anymore, isn't even all that relevant to the story. I'd be totally happy to have a show all about Miles and Sebastian.
No Aaron Pitman and weird phony excuse for a pastor necessary.
The fact that the movie people had to drag in such blatant shots at God makes me sick.
It makes me mad that everywhere I turn, these attitudes of God not being important or existent are creeping in. I find a good book series I like, and make it all the way to the second book, and find out there is a blatant sin in it that goes against my beliefs.
Now I could just keep it under my hat, and keep reading. Not tell my family what content I'm pumping into my head, and just ignore it.
But my family isn't who I'm living for.
I'm living for God. And I know that he has the best in store for me, and that's why he tells me to guard my mind against these types of things. Not only is it 'just' dishonoring to him, it will also get stuck in my head. I'll think about it. It will effect me.
It will make me okay with sin. Think it's not that big of a deal as long as I don't actually do it.
Sometimes I just want to grab movie and TV show writers, and book authors.   
I want to tell them just what I think of them and their glaring attacks on my beliefs. I want to tell them what a good thing they had going. That things were great and they need to leave it at that. No additional slop necessary. Just stick to the story and I'll be one happy fan. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.
But I can't do that. I can't shake them and give them a crazed militia leader look.
I can't even go with the just slightly less crazy best friend look.


So, I'll just hang out here in my own, wonderful little world and- even though it hurts- work hard to keep my mind safe from things I know God doesn't want me pumping in to it.





Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another Round of Jake

After posting all those questions the other day for Jake, I realized that I'd forgotten to include some of the ones my sisters gave me to me. And they came up with some pretty darn good ones. And, since you all seem to like Jake quite a bit, I'm hoping you don't kill me for giving you more of him. I'm in a rush right now- might have to go pull a calf before Bible study and youth group- so I hope it's okay.

Q. How long does it take to fix your hair?
Jake. Whoa, hey. NO. FIXING my hair makes it sound like I'm a girl. I don't FIX my hair. I gel it, and spike it.
Me. That's fixing Jake. Answer the question.
Jake. *huff* It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get it just right. I don't know how long it takes to dye it.

Q. Why do you go to the music store all the time, if you never actually buy anything?
Jake. Because I like to go see all the new music that's there, and test out some of it in the back. That way I can decide what's worth downloading. It gives me a place to kill time too.

Q. If you were paralyzed from the waist down, what would you do?
Jake. I'd die. Just die.
Me. If dying wasn't an option. I'm not going to let you go out like that.
Jake. Power freak. Fine. I guess I'd just have to live with it, now wouldn't I? Maybe I could get one of those high power, racing wheelchairs.

Q. Why the blue Mohawk?
Jake. Because it looks cool. And I like blue. And my dad hates it. And it sends a clear message to everyone around me.
Me. What message Jake?
Jake. Stop popping in on my interview woman! What do you think when you see a guy with a blue Mohawk?
Me. Stay away from that guy. He's probably trouble.
Jake. Right there is your message.

And...I did end up having to pull a calf and I didn't get this finished yesterday, so you're getting it today. Sorry for the delay. I'm also doing school right now and have a busy day, so I'm not going to dig out pictures for this post.

Q. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
Jake. No, actually, I don't. That's not my brand of crazy.

Q. What grade are you in?
Jake. Well, I'm a Junior in high school, but this is the second time I've taken it.

Q. Favorite pop and candy bar?
Jake. I like Squirt and Zero bars. Does Monster count as a pop?

Q. Favorite band?
Jake. I don't have favorite bands really. I just pick songs I like. As long as they're not too slow and happy sounding I like them.

Q. What's something that scares you?
Jake. I'm not answering that.
Me. Come on Jake. They asked.
Jake. I don't care. I'm not going there. Isn't there a personal space law in these interviews?
Me. Jake.
Jake. An uprising of goldfish.
Me. Jake, my gosh.
Jake. Pink goldfish.

Q. Do you go to church?
Jake. No. I did sometimes when I was little, but me and dad actually agree on something- we don't need to go to church. Besides, don't they have some kind of dress code thing? Like, no unnaturally colored hair?

Q. What do you think of your writer?
Jake. Well, if she'll shut up long enough to let me answer, I'll tell you....That chick is flat out crazy. Totally. I mean, seriously. What did I ever do to her?? Way to ruin my life. I mean, sure. She gave me a cool sense of humor, and awesome taste in clothes and music, but that's kind of where our sweet happy relationship comes to a crash and burn collision. It'll be interesting getting to The End  with this lady. I keep seeing scribbles of paralyzation...I don't think that's a word... and death floating around...Don't let her kill me!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's A Crazy World I Live In

It's crazy how fast the weather can change. A few days ago the place was blowing      dust everywhere, and then BAM!

            Crack out the snowboard and sleds, it's time for the Olympic tryouts!

                   Give that a day or two and then whoa Nellie we have mud.
                       Here, lets send some 45 mph winds to dry that out.
                                                            For three days. 
And throw in a roller coaster of 52 and 32 degree days and you'll have it made. Such is the life of living in Gods country.
         (If you don't know what state that is you've obviously never been there.)
Have you ever looked at snowflakes? Man, those are cool. I was watching them land on my pickup hood and I'm like "dUdE, these are ALL different!" And I was caught up in a moment where I'm like "I cannot believe God took the time to make EACH ONE dIfFeREnT.
                                                                 Each one.

He's the creator of the universe and he bothers to keep track of each tiny little snowflake. I love the verse in the bible where it talks about heaven having storehouses of snow.

Job 38:22 KJV
Has thou entered into the treasures of the snow? Or has thou seen the treasures of the hail?

                                                     Is that cool or what??
It reminds me that I'm special. God pays attention to a fleck of frozen ice that's just gonna melt; I know he's paying attention to me.

       ...guys...I seriously just looked out the window and it's snowing again....


Monday, February 24, 2014

Questions for Jake

Because I don't want to keep going with the snippets and give away the story, but people seem to like Jake a lot, I decided to answer some of your questions about him here.  Note: Some of these questions are based on where I am in the story now, and some are based off of some of the snippets you guys have read from later on in the story. So in some his feelings might seem a lot different than in others.

Q. How long have you been skateboarding?
A. Forever....I think since I was about five. I think my dad has pictures somewhere.

Q. What do you think about Trisha?
A. She's that girl who keeps staring at me in school and junk right? I think she stares a lot. It's pretty funny...She's pretty pretty...kinda pretty, I should say. She has lame taste in music. And she doesn't respond to warning signs very well.

Q. Why do you call her Trish?
A. It cuts off a whole syllable that I have to pronounce before I can move on with whatever else I want to say. And it sounds cooler.

Q. Can we talk about your nightmares?
Jake. No.
Me. Come on now Jake. They asked.
Jake. NO.

Q. When and why did you start using drugs?
A. Geez, right to the point aren't we? Like, a year ago is all. Because it's numbing and I don't have to think about things.

Q. Why don't you drink or smoke?
A. I don't like headaches or coughing. Or smelling bad. Axe can only do so much for a guy. You have to do some work yourself.

Q. Why do you pretend to be happy so much?
A. Because it's annoying when people try to make me feel better when they think I'm not happy. I'd rather just pretend things are honky dory and avoid all the sobbing shrink sessions.

Q. What do you think are good character traits?
A. guess someone who isn't going to leave. They are where they're supposed to be. Someone who doesn't go back on their word.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. I skate. And listen to music. I hang out with Matthew some, but he's more of a time killer than actual fun.

Q. If you had unlimited cash, what would you do?
A. Oh boy. Yeah, that would be great. Priority one, MOVE. Get out of here. Then after that I'd build my own personal skate park with all the best equipment, and like hire my own personal band.

Q. What was your brothers name?
A. .....His name is John.

Q. Do you watch TV?
A. Duh. Doesn't everyone?

Q. What is your favorite movie?
A. Um....I like The Bourne Ultimatum pretty great.

Q. Do you read? If so, what type of books do you like?
A. Not usually, no. I've had to read a couple things for school...but I pretty much skimmed the first and last chapter. Reading takes so much time. If I were going to read something just for fun, it would probably be one of those like murder mystery things. But no romance.

Q. What is your favorite color?
A. Blue. Like my hair.

Q. Do you want to get married? Have kids?
A. Uh yeah, no. I haven't really thought about that much. People are very faulty things to base your whole life on. Especially when it comes to the whole true love thing. She would have to be like, bomb proof to make it work.

Q. How many girls have you dated? Is Trisha your first?
A. Well Trisha is like my first official. There was this little girl I gave a valentine to in like...second grade. But...her bike's training wheel was busted, and she wouldn't ride my skateboard, so we never went out. I don't have to count each time me and Trish have broke up have we? Cause then she'd count for like, ten girls.

Q. Bicycle or scooter?
A.  Seriously? Is that even a question? Um...I don't know man. Bikes take so much work. But scooters look like a little kid....Can we flip a coin?.....Tails it is. Scooter.

Q. Favorite sport?
A. Anything BMX. But I also like football.

Q. Were you friendly before your mom died?
A. We're you considerate before you became a blog reader?

Q. Summer or winter?
A. Summer. It's hard to skateboard on ice.

Q. What annoys you most about girls?
A. When they walk around you like, coughing, or humming or something. It's like, I saw you before and didn't say anything. You coughing girl germs all over me and ruining the tune to that song are not going to make me talk to you.

Q. Do you want to get a job?
A. I don't know. Probably not. I hate getting up early and being told what to do. And I don't think you can skate around most job sites.

Q. Do you have a problem with authority?
A. Haha. That's funny. Duh.

Q. Even though your dad is a lawyer, you seem to have no respect for the law. Aren't you worried you'll get caught?
Jake. No. Why would I be? My dad is a lawyer. If I get caught, he can get me uncaught.
Me. I don't think uncaught is a word.
Jake.  Don't tell me what is and ain't a word, lady.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. Alive. And a professional skater.

Q. How did you and Devin meet?
A. Devin? Oh geez. Um, at school I think. That was a long time ago. But yeah, school. We were in the same class. I think he was my buddy for a coloring assignment or something. He did most of the coloring though. He said I wasn't in the lines. I was making my own lines.

Q. What happened between you and Devin?
A. Heck if I know. He became too good for me. He's a churchy type. And popular. And in school. And has two parents and a little sister...We just clash now.

Q. What is your favorite type of vehicle?
A. Um, I like Chevy's. Going back to that question about unlimited cash to blow- Camaro people. Cherry red.

Q. What do you like most about Trisha?
A. That she lets me just be me, and isn't trying to be my shrink instead of my friend.

Q. What type of birth did you have?
A. What type of...birth? Um...human.
Me. I think that means, were you like C-section, or normal, or unexpected, or anything like that.
Jake. Oh, oh gotcha. Well, it's kind of hard for me to remember. I had a lot of things on my mind, but the way I remember it, I had a dark, wet birth that led to blinding light and a messed up planet.
Me. Jake.
Jake. I was C-section.

Q. What is your full name?
A. Jake Anthony Timmons.

There you go guys! Hope you liked it. If you have any more questions you would like answered, shoot them to me in the comments.







Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uriah and That Other One

Hi guys! Since I've been neglecting you through the week, you're getting a Saturday post to make up for it. Sound fair? I'm gonna take a break from the books, movies, and writing stuff today, and give you a little window into my life.
I'm in the middle of calving season. Two days ago, we brought all of our cows home to the pasture that's about 100 yards from my house. That threw us into full feeding mode, so most of my dad is spent in a tractor, or watching a gate while my dad hauls hay to the feeders. We have to feed all the cows here at the house twice a day. And then once a day we have to take hay over to the heifers at our feed yard and feed them. (heifer means it's a girl cow that has never had a baby yet.)
We currently have six calves running-I should say tripping and waddling around- they're still getting used to moving their legs.

And here's the fun part. Four of those six calves are twins. Which means I'm raising two.
Let me explain, because everybody thinks I'm being cruel by raising the twins in the barn instead of out with their mothers, but it makes perfect sense. The mom cow will only feed one of the babies. That's all she can handle. So whichever one she doesn't want, we take to the barn, and they get fed from a bottle and we become mommy.

Like I said, we've got two bottle calves (aka: jugheads). The older one is so stinking tiny. I mean, he is so tiny. I can carry him around like nobody's business. I wanted to name him Tobias, or Four, but my sisters shot that idea down. So I named him Uriah. Partially after the guy in the Bible, but mostly after the second coolest guy in Divergent.
Yesterday we had another set of twins, and so came the new bottle baby. He's giant. Like huge. I Like he probably weighs as much as my younger sister. I also considered Tobias and Four for him, but that was shot down too. That and he just doesn't look like a Tobias/Four. So right now we're calling him Al, or Big Al. When we think about it. Mostly I just call him the other one. That one. The crazy one. The big one. The stupid one who doesn't know how to use his tongue yet.
These are pictures of Uriah. I don't have pictures of Number 2 yet, but just picture a 3X bigger and 50X less adorable version of Uriah.

And that's all I have! Today I'm getting ready for our churches roller skating party, and it's going to be so much fun. I'll see you guys....I'll type to you guys Monday with some new writing things, and a book review.





Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What You Get When I'm Super Busy But Haven't Posted For Three Days

Odd post today, but it's about my bedroom. My sisters and I always say "I wonder what people would think of us if they only saw our bedroom and never met us." (This usually happens when we clean and find something completely insane)
So I took a look around and thought about it. Here's what I gathered.
1. She has an Unhealthy obsession with Murtagh/Garrett Hedlund.
2. She must read constantly
3. She lives in a complete mess
4. She likes to wear black t-shirts (there's like a dozen on the floor) 
5. She likes horses and cowboy things. 
6. She must like pirates. 
7. She listens to Christian rock and lots of it.
8. She writes. Or scribbles. Or something. Maybe she just hoards used paper. 
9. At one point her bedroom matched and things were purple, but now insanity has taken over and her bedspread is a sleeping bag with sharpie drawings all over it.
10. She likes to draw. Once a year she draws something good. 
11. She has too many guitars. 
12. She is insane. 
13. But she's not a vampire because the curtain rod is broke off her window and sunlight can come in (though it's still a very dark room). 

                                   And that pretty sums up me and my room.
                                           But my parents have other ideas.
One day after spending several hours in my room and making like no sound at all, I came downstairs and my mom was like "what do you do up there all day? Do you have a meth lab?" 
                                                       Actually I was writing.
                   But every once in a while now I do say "I'm off to the lab."
Then a few weeks ago my room was clean and I asked my parents to come up and look at something. Well they did. My dad took a look at the walls covered (completely) in posters, the pictures of Murtagh ALL the way up the staircase, my dresser with pirate symbols glued to it, and the graffiti I drew on one of the walls and he just smiled and said:
                                                      "this room is evil."
No explanation, no nothing. Just that it's evil. Much like Sherlock Holmes (I'm talking the novels here, not the annoying TV version *my whole following abandons me*) my dad has great powers of deduction. Sadly, also like Holmes, he doesn't explain himself either.
                                                     So there you have it.
That wonderful room I begged for when I was twelve so I could finally move out of the room full of sleep talking minions is now less than cheerful looking, time swallowing, suggesting irresponsible behavior, and evil.
                                     To sum it all up- my room is awesome.

(And no, I'm not posting any pictures of my bedroom. If you saw how messy it is right now, I'd have to hunt you all down one by one and do a mind wipe on you, and I'm too lazy for that....I'm also too lazy to go clean it....)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Snippets!

Well its Valentines Day. And that means all the blogs are overflowing with love and mush and what not. But, I don't have any special someone this Valentines Day, and I can hardly make a whole blog post about how much I love the chocolate that I've received from my awesome sisters and dad. That would be boring. And we are having a Valentines Day party tonight at church, but that wont be until tonight, and then by tomorrow the sticky sappy sweet stuff will be wearing off. BUT I can make a post that's still rather romantic. Just not about my love life. My fake love life is much more appealing. So, here's some of my favorite romantical (spell check hates me, hehe) scenes that I've wrote in my some of my stories past and present. Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

(Blaze) (Blade and Tara)
Tara watched a moment to get Cape settled in, then came back to me. She smiled. "Sounds like they have a fiddle out. We should go have a dance."
I smiled. "If I'm going to walk all the way over there, you're going to give me more than once dance."
Tara shrugged. "I might be able to do two."

(World War 3*) (Canyon and Saylor)
He pulled me close and pressed his lips against my hair. "I want you." He said softly.
I glanced up, wondering if I'd heard him right. "What?" 
"He said no one wants you. He was wrong." He smiled warmly and I thought I would melt. "I want you." 
I smiled, almost shyly. "Really?" 
He nodded. "I don't know what you're doing to me but I was going crazy when I thought I might lose you." 
"So I'm more than just a means for free kisses?" I smiled a bit. 
"Way more." He nodded. 
"And if I refused to kiss you ever again?" I asked. 
"I really hope yore teasing. If you did I might beg and plead." 
"I'd like to see that." I smirked. 
"I wouldn't." He winked. 
I brushed my hair back and grinned. "Well I guess I won't make you."
 Canyon stood up and gave me a smile. "I'll be right back."
I nodded and he walked out. I flopped back into the pillow, smiling to myself. Canyon wanted me. 

(World War 3*) (Brake and Kayne)
"Umm...You have to do whatever I tell you for the rest of the day."
I smirked. "Deal. But guess what?" I grinned. "I just won."
She frowned and looked over my  cards. "You cheated."
I grinned. "Did not! I want my prize." I wondered if she really would.
She rolled her eyes and scooted toward me, sitting on my legs.
I raised an eyebrow. Okay. This was a little odd.
She shrugged. "I told you I was going to sit on you if you won."
I smirked. "Right. And I get a kiss since I won."
She sighed. "Yeah. You do." She stretched up and I tilted my chin down for her. She really was going to do it.
Our lips met for all of one second and then the door swung open.
"What in the heck is going on?!"
Kayne jerked away from me and I stared at canyon. I should have held the door first.
"I... I um... Lost at cards." She frowned.
"So you're making out?" He scowled.
"It's not what it looks like!" She insisted.
I just sat there not sure what to say. Especially since I asked her for a kiss.
"Really? Because it sure looks a lot like you're all over each other in a closet."
"You locked us in here:" she reminded.
An excellent point. He said to sort it out.

(World War 3*) (Brake and Kayne)
She sobbed. "Parents are supposed to forget everything but their kids. He'll forget."
"Well, I'm sure he'll remember though. You're his sister."
"It wont be the same."
I took a deep breath. "Probably not. But that's okay."
She scowled through the tears. "No it's not. I'll be all alone."
I bit my tongue. Told myself no. Then yes. Then no. I had to do something to make her feel better. She seemed completely miserable. Just letting her suffer until she stopped crying and hid it all behind a scowl wasn't the thing to do. Fine. She was going to kill me. If she did she'd be alone. She wouldn't. Just stop speaking to me is all.
I tightened my arm around her slightly. "You won't be all alone." I said slowly. "I'm going to be here."

(Wanted Man) (A short story) (Nick and Sky)
Nick looked away. "I never meant to get this involved with you. But....When I did, I couldn't bring myself to tell you."
Something in Sky's face softened. "So what will you do?"
Nick shrugged. "By all accounts I should leave the country."
A look of resolve crossed Sky's face. "Take me with you."
Nick looked started. Then slowly, he smiled. "Alright."
He gripped her shoulders gently. "There's one more safe."
Sky shook her head. "Nick, no. That's what they always say, and then they get caught, or worse. We dont need the money."
"That wont happen. Trust me. I'll got to Detroit today. I'll get the money and come get you. Have everything ready."
Sky swallowed. "Alright. Nick, be careful."
"Always." He studied her closely, then leaned forward and kissed her gently.
Sky held very still, then finally spoke. "I should go pack."
She slipped from his arms and out to her car. Nick watcher her, then shoving his gun in it's holster, headed for his pickup.

(Rusett) (A short story) (Russett and Gryffin)
“Ryker said you would be up here. It’s quite a climb.”
Russet whirled around and threw her arms around Gryffin’s neck. “You came!”
She stayed in his arms a moment then pulled back to look at him. “Why?”
Gryffin shrugged. “I had to believe that some of the things you said to me were true.”
“They were.” Tears stung Russet’s eyes. “But what about the province, your power?”
“My sister will run the province. All those people, they don’t care about me anyway.” He hesitated. “And I love you.”
Russet leaned into him again. “I love you too.”

(Out of Darkness)(Cannon and Rianna)
She smirked a little. "I think you promised me a date."
He laughed a little. "You gave me CPR, wasn't that enough?"
She flushed. "Not quite."
He smiled and leaned toward her till their lips met. Hers were soft and warm against his. "Consider this a first date then." He mumbled against her mouth.

(Out of Darkness)(Cannon and Rianna)
"I'll see you later." He said.
She nodded. "Be careful."
He smiled. "I will." He turned to the door then hesitated. "When all this stuff is over with...could I...would you go on a date with me?"
Rianna smiled broadly. "Of course." She surprised him by stepping forward quickly. She flung her arms around his neck. "Please stay safe. I'll wait right here."
Cannon hugged her back. For some reason he felt like this was important. Like it could be his only chance. "Goodbye." He said softly, kissing her quickly on the cheek then ducking out the door. He practically ran to his motorcycle, feeling ecstatic and terrified all at once.

(Murtagh Fanfiction)(Gareth and Lana)
He stepped closer to her. "But why do you have to go?"
"I haven't seen my family in a long time either." Lana said softly.
Gareth sighed. "When do you leave?"
Lana shrugged. "I dont know yet."
Gareth slipped his arms around her. "Then there's no time to lose." He leaned closer. "Just once, I'd like to kiss you when we weren't being spied on, or I thought I was going to get killed."
Lana smiled. "Only once?"
He shrugged. "Well, if time allows, I'll take more."

(Creepy, socially open dude named Falcon)(A short story)(Falcon and Lauri)
Falcon touched her cheek tenderly. "Do you love me?"
"Yes." She said emphatically.
"Then come with me."
Lauri felt his arms, still wrapped around her. She looked into his eyes. Such beautiful eyes, full of hope, fear. Love.
She smiled. "Alright."

(Cop*)(Nick and Acelynn)
The preacher smiled. "You may kiss the bride."
I smirked at Acelynn and her eyes widened as I leaned in. She'd asked me to go easy since there were people, but I must have forgotten...or ignored it. I was an all or nothing kind of guy and she got the full package. The audience really liked that.

(Cop*)(Nick and Acelynn)
I got the window seat. Acelynn sat down and grinned a little. "I'm not going back to that crumby place you set me up with last time. Got any more money to throw around for a nice apartment?"
I shrugged. "We'll I'm kinda broke." I glanced over. "Can you keep a secret?"
She smirked. "I don't know."
I frowned. "I seem to remember you saying something about diamonds holding weight with girls when it came to secrets, so I came prepared."
I pulled the ring box out of my pocket and popped the lid open. I held it out to her. Her eyes widened. It was a big diamond. I was quite proud of myself when I baught it. "I let lLnzi touch it." I grinned, suddenly feeling very nervous. Ace's eyes were sparkly. "What was the secret?"
I winked. "I think apartments suck. My place might be better."

(The Rebellion*) (Craven and Ash)
I sighed. "I'm going to get this leg set, and go to bed."
Rashahn nodded. "Bed doesn't sound too bad."
Ash grabbed my arm. "Craven, will you marry me?"
I rolled my eyes at his teasing. "I said, I'm going to bed."
"Answer the question."
I looked at him suddenly. He was serious. I smiled slightly. "Do you realize I could hardly tell you no, with people here watching?"
"The thought crossed my mind." His voice was light, but his eyes were serious.
I smiled. "yes, I'll marry you. But it's going to wait until my leg is set and I've got some sleep."
(Purpose)(Wyatt and Tyne)
Two teens walking by distracted her thoughts of control and power. Their arms were draped around each other and the girl giggled when the boy turned her to him and pressed his mouth to hers. Tyne watched them curiously as they stayed that way a moment and then moved on. She glanced up at Wyatt, expecting the boy to have some kind of remark, but his face only held passing interest.
"Why do they do that?"
He looked down at her. "Do what? Kiss?"
She knew the term, but only vaguely. "Yeah."
Wyatt shrugged. "I'm not sure. That's happened in a couple of books. People do it when they like each other."
Tyne crinkled her nose a bit. "Seems like a good way to get germs."

(Unplanned*)(Render and Sabriel)

She raised an eyebrow. "What?" 
I smiled. "You can keep it as log as you promise to wear it." 
Her face never changed.
i grinned. "It'll let people know you're with me." Hint hint.
"What?" She frowned
 I shrugged. "To keep away guys like Dean."
She raised an eyebrow. "Get to the point." 
I bit my lip. What if she told me no and bounced the ring off my forehead? 
"Um, well, if you're taken they won't bother you."
She looked incredulous. "Just the ring won't make them think I'm taken." 
I rubbed the back of my neck. "Well, there's kind of a catch."
She crossed her arms. "And what would that be?"
I glanced over. "If you keep the ring you gotta keep me."
She tilted her head slowly. "Render...."
I raked my hair back. "Could I stay with you- or you be with me...?"
She looked like she wanted to smile. "You like my kisses that much?"
"I like you that much."
(Unplanned*)(Jare and Layce)
We turned around and headed back to his bike. "Thanks for tonight." I grumbled.
"Yeah." He said. I could tell he was upset with me, and for some reason I didn't know why it bothered me. 
He started to get on the bike, and I caught my parents both watching out the window. "Wait!" I hissed. I grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged him down, kissing him. It had to look real. I counted to three and let him loose. "See ya later stalker."
I turned and ran back to the house. My parents were casually sitting in the living room, but I could tell from moms face they'd watched the whole thing. Where most mothers would be unhappy with my conduct, she was just giddy. See what I had to live with? I smiled. "I'm going to bed."
I ran up the stairs and to my bathroom. I rubbed water across my lips, trying to get the feeling of his off. It would keep me up all night if I didn't. It probably would anyway. 
(Jake's Story)(Jake and Trisha)
“Come here.” He grabbed her by the front of her jacket, tugging her toward him and bending till his mouth could find hers. He let it linger there for a moment then pulled back slightly. “Warming up yet?”

(Jake's Story)(Jake and Trisha)
He leaned against the door of the subway while she held onto the iron pole. She was looking past him as she spoke, her eyes watching a scene only she could see. He smiled softly and kept his eyes fixed on her as her face lit up with a laugh. This was why he loved her so much. The way she could capture his attention away from everything else in the world. When he was with her, she was the only thing in the earth.

*These Stories were written by me and my doppelgänger Lana. The characters Canyon, Kayne, Jare, and  Sabriel, Rashahn, and Acelynn are hers.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Time Has Come

So after a tedious morning of working on college proofreading and edits, I remembered that I didn't have any drafts whipped up to put on here for you guys. I read through all my notes on ideas I had for future posts and none of them were doing the trick for me. So I decided I just wasn't going to do a blog post today. I was sure you'd understand. If you didn't...well, sorry. I decided that I was going to forget blogging, and go work on editing my novels.....

I've got two novels I need to edit, both in various stages. I've been wanting to start work on them (again) for about a week, but watching the winter Olympics is so darn distracting. Who wants to miss out on snowboarders?? (even though I'm still crushed about my Shawn White not medaling)
But today, right now, there is no Olympics on. And the house is empty. No one else is home. So I did a very fast (I should have a gold medal for speed) clean job on the house, and now here I am.

I have two novels I'll be working on the next few months. Out of Darkness is one. I've already gone through it twice and did all the spelling corrections and things like that, and added several large chunks of story to it, so this time I have just a few things to add, and a quick read through. My mom read half of it (I begged her to read the whole thing, but she read half)...No, she only made it to chapter five. Out of thirty-four.
Moving on from that, otherwise I'll start typing in RED AND ALL CAPS. And no one likes to read that.
Anyway, she read a not-so-satisfactory sized portion of it and told me that
                                                         Cannon's mom is too ditzy.
                                   Well yeah mom, I wrote her that way on purpose.
                                            She said Cannon's dad wasn't there enough.
Well okay, I can work with that. He's not the main villain, but I can see him needing to be around more.
                                                            Cannon has no emotion.
                                                            Yes he does! He's always-
                 Angry. Sarcastic. Angst ridden. No girl would ever like him. Give him emotion.

                                                         The gangsters aren't realistic

So those are the things I'll be working on. Heaven help me if my dad reads the Google search history in the next few days. It'll be all about drugs, and gang initiations.

My other novel I'm going to start working on (literally for like the sixth or eighth time) is called The Riders of Carstindad. Now despite all those painful edits I made before, this baby needs some work. I wrote it when I was....13? And it shows. Sure I edited it, but I was 14-16 when that happened. And there's some terrible clichés, obviously stolen plot lines, and one nasty attempt at an ending. So it will be getting a full makeover. I was going to just trash it, but there's two boys in there that I just love to death.
                                                                   Darren and Taren.
(that's one of the things I keep telling myself needs changed. The names. Way too similar. But I can't bring myself to do it)
They couldn't be more different but boy do I love them. Darren is
a complete sweetie pie, with a fun sense of humor.

             Taren...Oh Taren. He's difficult.
He has a much nastier sense of humor that hardly ever shows up, and he's much more serious, and brooding. But I love him. And so does everyone else who has read the nasty first draft. They're not even the main characters and they're all I care about that is making me go back to the story. (does that say anything about my main character? Minion One says it's because she {Gwen} is too whiney. Not sure)

Anyway, I'll be working on The Riders of Carstindad this afternoon, and probably listening to Tally-Ho, by Hawk Nelson. Just to get in the mood.






Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Assassin- Snippets

Today I'm going to be talking about my short story The Assassin. I haven't put it on the My Stories page because it's not *supposed* to end up being a full length novel (Reyin may run away with the story and decide otherwise, but that's the plan).

A few weeks ago, due to some odd but fun Facebook game, I had to post a few paragraphs from page seven of my current story. Well I went through all of my stories and page seven was severely boring in all of them, so I picked like page 27 and used The Assassin. And people liked it a lot. Which was scary for me, because I never post my writing on my regular facebook feed. I always do it only through GoTeenWriters' page. But since it was received so well, I decided I'd post some more snippets from it here.

Since I don't have the description up, the plot summary is that Reyin is my male main character. He lives in a stronghold up in the mountains with a pack of ornery, obnoxious men. They're all assassins for the king. Corrine is my female main character. She lives in a inn/tavern and waits tables, cooks, etc. She's a pretty normal girl, with big plans of traveling someday.

Reyin tidbits:

He slid one of the knives out of the belt around his waist. He was within arms reach when the man turned and saw him. Reyin snaked the knife up against his bare throat. "You're dead." He said grimly.
The young man scowled. "No matter what I try you always get me."
Reyin nodded and gave Kahnner a hand up. "You're not so bad Colburn. We can't all be Reyin Cutter."

"Where's breakfast?" He glanced around.
"It's not here yet." Frayne said from across the table.
"What's the hold up?" Reyin rested his elbows on the worn wood.
Frayne rolled his eyes. "Boone and Kahnner."
Reyin groaned. "I don't know why we even let those two take a turn at cooking. Especially together. They nearly poison us every time."
There was an exclamation of surprise, followed by a dish clattering. Reyin could hear Boone swearing above the din in the dinner hall, and then smoke started puffing out of the kitchen doorway. "Add        burning the kitchen down to that list." He grumbled.

"I met someone named Reyin the other day." A sly grin twisted Boone's lips.
Reyin glanced up, curious where this was going. Boone hadn't had an assignment in months. He hadn't met anyone. "Oh yeah?" He said, decidedly bored.
"Yeah." Boone nodded. "She was a lot prettier than you." Boon cracked up at himself.
Reyin looked at him calmly, used to his girl jokes. "Bet she didn't give you a second glance."
Boone moved on as if Reyin hadn't said anything. "Why do you have a girls name?"
"It's not a girl's name. You're the only one who thinks so."
"It sure sounds like one to me."
Reyin nodded and brought his hands down. "You know, Boone kind of sounds like a dog I used to have. His name was Dummy. He died because he stuck his nose where it didn't belong."

Light streamed in through the windows, and pigions pushed for a spot on the ledges. "Dumb birds." Reyin muttered. "I can't believe we trust the messages to a pack of pigions. What if someone caught it and read the message? Or heaven forbid the thing gets eaten by some animal."
Frayne never slowed his step. "We've used carrier pigions for a hundred years and nothing has happened yet. No one notices birds."
"After that long, I'm sure we're due for a catastrophe."
"You don't have a very bright outlook on things do you?" There was humor in Frayne's voice.
Reyin tilted his chin up and smirked. "Not at all."
"well, don't jinx it."
"I don't have to. there's plenty that can happen on it's own."

"Did you get lost in the saddles Boone?" Reyin laughed. "The man will be dead of old age by the time we get there."
Boone led his horse out. "Well at least you'll have gone on with him. You're old as it is."
Reyin rolled his eyes. "Because twenty-two is so old. Kahnner and Frayne will be gone long before you get rid of me."
"Tragic, that."

Reyin smirked. "I disagree. I think everone in the hold should learn how to dance. "
"You'll be the one to teach them I suppose." Frayne chuckled.
He nodded. "That I will."

Boone huffed. "Well I didn't see anything that said she'd understand some crazy language. Where'd you learn that anyway?"
Reyin smiled coolly and faced forward again. "Obviously in a place where it's spoken."

"Of us all, I'd say I'm the least deprived when it comes to women's affections."
Boone made a choking noise and burst out laughing. "You can only count your mother once, Cutter."

"Don't be singing about my girl on the job."
"Shouldn't be hard." Reyin glanced at him sidelong. "You don't have a girl."
"Sure I do!" Boone protested, his eye twitching. "I've got lots of girls."
"Exactly why you'll never have a girl."

"I bet I'll get to see that girl at the inn on the way back. We may even have to get a room for the night if we get there late in the day."
Frayne gave him a sidelong glance. "Thinking like that is no good either."
Reyin chuckled quietly. "I know. The look on your face when I say it is real good though."

Corrine tidbits:

"Can I get you gentleman anything?"
The younger one with a squinting eye grinned up at her. "Yeah. Maybe an hour of your time, somewhere nice?"
Corrine looked at him calmly, used to flirtatious young travelers. "Breakfast is almost ready."

.....Obviously I favor Reyin over Corrine. Oh well. I'll develop her more later.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fandoms 0.o

I saw a quote on pinterest the other day and don't ask me to find it cause I have like 20,000 bloody pins floating around on there, but basically it said-

                              Another year has gone by and all I did was join more fandoms.

That swirling pit we love to get sucked into and yet tell ourselves we're trying to crawl out of.
I'm part of a lot of fandoms and I know everyone always likes to compare fandoms, so here's the ones I'm a part of.

1. I am a tribute. I am in on the Hunger Games craze. I'm probably one of the few people who strategizes being in the games, unlike Pinterest suggests....
Hunger Games fans...Team Gale all the way!

2. I'm a shadow hunter. Even though I don't like the mortal instruments, I do like the infernal devices. Never trust a duck!

3. I am an initiate. What's not to like man? I love divergent. I took the test in the book. I was dauntless. Not sure of that's true. The questions were really weird. I think I'd honestly be divergent, fandom aside. 

4. The inheritance fandom. We didn't get a crazy name that I know of, (murtagh lovers maybe) but we exist and I am one.

5. The legend of Korra. One word. Mako. 

6. Avatar: the last air bender. I was in love with Zuko before he turned good, just for the record.

7. True potter heads would probably kill me for being an imposter, but I do like Harry potter quite a bit. 

There's lots of other things I love to obsess over, but according to deviantart and Pinterest there's not much of a fan nation for them, so I guess I'll just enjoy them in solitude. 
What about you? Do we share any common obsessions?